Introduction: April Fool's Day Pranks

Today I bring you 10 easy and fun pranks that can make your friends and family this April 1, the day of pranks.

---------------Video step by step with subtitles in English-----------------

Step 1: Crayon Lipstick Prank

For this prank we will take without you noticing the shine or lipstick of our girlfriend, mom or sister.

We remove it from its packaging with the help of the scalpel and replace it with a piece of crayon of a similar size and color.

Now that it has been ready, we can only return to its usual place and wait for the person to use it.

Funny surprise that will take when using his lipstick is with this prank.

Step 2: Prank Surprise Balloon in the Toilet

this prank is to take a latex glove, inflate it and place it on the bottom of the toilet, with some funny drawings and phrases.

So, when someone enters the bathroom and picks up the lid of the toilet he will find this funny surprise.

The joke will be even more fun if the person wants to make the number 2

Step 3: Prank Sunglasses Scratched

For this prank we will take without realizing the sunglasses of our family member or friend

and we will draw a few stripes on the lenses with the help of a marker.

Once they are ready, we return them to their usual place and wait for the person to use them.

We will have a lot of fun, when we see the face of the person, when using his glasses he will find this joke.

Step 4: Prank Tangled Shirts

This prank is to take a few plastic ties or ties and join the shirts of our brother or friend through the buttonholes of their sleeves.

A fun prank that you will never forget, when you take one of your shirts you will find this surprise.

Step 5: Prank Sticky Facial Mask

For this prank we will take the facial mask of our girlfriend, sister or mom.

I will introduce in this a glob or slime of similar color.

So, when I take it I have to insert your fingers to use it you will find this sticky and funny surprise.

Step 6: Prank Fake Cookies

This joke is to take a few cookies or dog croquettes and offer them as a snack to our family and friends.

We will laugh a lot when we see your face, when you try your cookies you will find this unpleasant prank.

Step 7: Fun Prank Scaring Asleep

This joke is very easy and fun, is to seize the moment when one of our friends or family are taking a nap

and place on them without being aware of an animal rubber or joke that they are afraid.

A fright that they will never forget, when they wake up from their nap with this joke.

Step 8: Remote Control Prank

this joke is to apply liquid bitumen to the remote controls of the house.

So, when someone uses them they will find this funny joke staining all their hands.

Step 9: Prank of Moldy Bread

This prank is to prepare a small appetizer with bread to offer our family and friends and apply a few drops of green food coloring on the bottom, pretending to be the bread mushroom.

Once it is ready, we can only offer it to our family and friends and wait for their reaction.

We will laugh a lot when we see their reaction, when they find these spots on their bread and the laughter will be even greater when you see how your mouth has been all stained.

Step 10: Prank Spicy Fruits

this prank is a classic, and consists of taking a few fruits and injecting a good amount of hot sauce.

Funny surprise that our relatives or friends will take when they take one of these fruits are with this spicy prank.

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