Introduction: 8-Bit Mario Blanket - Made From Granny Squares

This blanket is made 100% of crocheted granny squares.  To follow this instructable, you must be able to crochet a granny square.  If you have never made one, they are not difficult, please see my previous instructable here.  If you have never crocheted before, start here.

Required Supplies:
 - 1 crochet hook, size H8/5mm (nearly any size will work, this is just what I used)
 - 4 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, Blue
 - 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, Brown
 - 2 Skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, Tan
 - 3 Skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, Red
 - 1 Large Sewing Needle

Total cost - approximately $25.00 (USD)

Step 1: Planning the Project

The first step to making this blanket is to thoroughly plan out your work.  Download this spreadsheet for a detailed layout.  You can edit this to your liking. 

It is a good idea to buy all of the yarn at once.  You never know when the store may run out of a needed color and not restock.  You can buy Red Heart Super Saver yarn at most places, such as Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and more.

Step 2: Make a Granny Square

Now that you are prepared and ready, let's being by making a granny square

Repeat 251 more times :)

You can see from the spreadsheet, you will need the following quantities:

 - Brown- 54
 - Red- 45
 - Tan- 42
 - Blue- 109

Step 3: Sew Together Individual Squares Into Rows

Starting with Row one, lay out the correct colors for that row.  So as to not make any mistakes, use safety pins to attach squares. 

disconnect the first two squares to be sewn together.

Lay them face to face

Using  your large needle and matching color yarn as thread, sew the squares together.  A basic wip stitch works best.

Disconnect the next square in line and sew it to the previously sewn pair.  Repeat this until all squares from the row are connected.

Sew together all squares to form all 18 rows of the blanket.

Step 4: Sew Together All Rows

Now that you have all of your horizontal rows, it's time to sew them together to form the blanket.

Lay out the rows in the proper order and inspect to make sure everything is in order.

Sew together the rows, just as you did the individual squares:
Lay rows one and two together, face to face.  Sew using same wip stitch as before.

Step 5: Crochet Binding Around Edge of Blanket

Using red yarn, do a single crochet in every stitch all the way around the blanket.

Using same red  yarn, do a half-double crochet all the way around.

Step 6: Conclusion

This completes the 8-Bit mario Blanket.  You can see some pictures of the final product here.

Also, for your consideration, here are some other famous 8-bit characters you may wish to use instead of Mario.

I hope you have enjoyed this instructable.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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