Introduction: 8 DIY Zipper Jewelry

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Zipper contest made me think of Zipper jewelry. Here I have compiled 8 different super easy and simple DIY Zipper Jewelry. The zippers truly creates magic when it comes to ornaments. The contrast colored Zippers creates great effect.

All the jewelry here can be made in less than 15 minutes. I have included different styles and patterns of Jewelry from ethnic to casuals.

Have a stunning day with your zipper accessories. Adorn them in style.

Hope you like it and vote for me in the contests it is in!

Thank you!

Step 1: Materials Required

Zipper - 1.5 meter (I have used the metal zipper with contrast color. I feel the contrast colored zippers are good for making jewelry. You can use anything you like.)




Ear wire




Here I have used half of zipper every time.

Firstly cut both the end of the zipper.

Each time you make the jewelry after cutting till the desired length apply mod podge at the end to prevent rip.

Step 2: Ethnic Gem Necklace - 1

Firstly we will make an ethnic and traditional zipper necklace. It is embedded with a gem giving it an exotic look.

How to make it?

Take two long zipper. I have taken only one portion of the zipper. At the middle point of the inner zipper make a loop to embed the gem.

Make a bed of threads within the loop. This is where the gem will stay secured.

With help of glue place the gem in the loop.

Now with both the long zipper make a loop around the gem.

Two layers will enhance the beauty of the necklace.

Step 3: Ethnic Gem Necklace - 2


Now go swirling and making loops on one side of the necklace. I went on making loops this way and that way. Each time I made a loop I sewed them together with a needle and thread.

At the end to finish my necklace I did some rolling. I cut of one of the long zipper. Now with one layer of zipper I rolled from the end to inside. I secured the rolls to one of the loops.

Do the same with the other side of the necklace.

Sew the gold colored chain at the rolled portion. You can add anything you like.

Add the hook to the chain.

Isn't it simple to make such a beautiful piece of jewelry? :)

Step 4: 2) Floret Necklace

Floret necklace has a modern and elegant look. It goes well with your casuals. It makes a stunning neck piece.

Make to flowers out of the zipper.

How to make?

Make a loop out of the one side of the zipper. The metal portion should be on top.

With a needle and thread sew the loops together.

Make 6 such loops.

They will form the floret. Sew together the 6th and the 1st petal.

Make 1 flower slightly bigger than the other. Sew together both the flower in desired position.

Sew each of the chains (or satin ribbon) to ends of the flower.

Add the hooks to the chain.

Step 5: X-Mas Tree Earring

This earring can be made under 5 minutes and resembles an X-mas Tree.

How to make?

Start making loops from top. The loop on the top should be longer than the loop below.

Sew through the center. Keep adding smaller loops below.

Once all the loops are sewn, sew up and down so that the loops are secured.

Finish with a knot on the top.

Add the ear wire at the top.

Make another earring of the same kind.

Step 6: V-Crown Necklace

The V-Crown Necklace is a stunning piece. It is of collar length. You can wear it for a party for an elegant look.

How to make?

Take a long piece of zipper.

Sew the ends of it placing the metal portion at the top. Cut the zipper at the mid-point.

Now take another long zipper, but of shorter length than the first.

Sew them onto the first long zipper. This will be the second layer. Place the metal portion of the second zipper above the first zipper's metal portion.

Do the same on the other side.

Similarly do the third and fourth zipper. The length should be decreased as you go to the next layer.

As you go to next layer inside, place the metal portion above the previous layer.

Add the hook at the end of the zipper.

Step 7: Rosette Necklace

This necklace has a classy look.The Rosette enhances the elegance of the entire necklace.

How to make?

Takea one side Zipper. Cut 10 cm of zipper. Start rolling inside very tight.

After 1 roll keep sewing them underneath. The metal portion is at the top.

Keep rolling and sewing till you reach the desired diameter.

Secure the rosette underneath by sewing it.

Make 4 such rosette each of different size.

Take a long zipper. Place them with the metal portion facing outside.

Sew the rosettes in position you desire.

I placed them in the left side.

Add the hook at the end of the long zipper.

Step 8: Braided Cuff Bracelet

Zipper in style How about have a cuff Braided Bracelet out of zipper.

It is super simple too.

How to make?

Take three strands of the zipper. I am taking only one portion of the zipper.

Place two zipper with the metal portion in one direction. The third should be placed in the opposite direction.

Sew them at one end.

Start braiding the basic 3 strand braiding.

At the other end. Sew all the three zipper together.

Add the metal hook/ Clamp at the end.

Step 9: Swirly Zipper Earring

Super simple, yet stunning piece of earring for your casuals. Adorn it!

How to make it?

First, make the swirls. Make two swirls and sew them together securely.

Take a long length of zipper. I have used one portion of the zipper.

Cut of the cloth portion. Now only the metal portion is left.

Swirl it around the neck of the "S" you have created.

Sew it and secure it well.

Add the ear wire at the top.

Make another earring of the same kind.

Step 10: Swirly Collar Necklace

Take one half of the Zipper.

Make the first loop out of the zipper.

Secure the loop with a pin.

Make 6 other loops and secure each of them with pins.

Now sew through the center at the position where the pins are located.

Sew through and fro to secure the loops.

Sew each of the chains (Satin) to the ends of the loops.

Add the hook to the chain.

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