Introduction: 8 Shot Revolving Slingshot

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Hey guys,
I've seen this idea in the past, but I never saw it completed. So over the last few weeks, when I had some free time for a change, I sat down and worked on it.   This is the fastest firing sling gun I've made and has a rage of 100+ feet when fired at an angle. I have to have it propped up on one end because I built it with a flat base. If you want you could use more parts and build a better base.

Basically there are 8 sling guns on a cylinder shaped structure. Each "barrel" has a bullet locking system that faces towards the center of the cylinder, but it is not connected to the main gun and frame so it can spin freely. This has one trigger that fires the gun, and a second "trigger" that moves the cylinder then locks it in place while the main trigger fires the gun. When you pull the second trigger and the cylinder is moved to new barrel the bullet locking system and the main trigger lines up, letting to fire the gun.

The gun isn't that pretty, but I really didn't feel like spending the time on making it look nice. I have to many things to work on. But the main part of this whole gun is the way the trigger works.

It's good to be back on Instructables. Tell me what you think, it only takes 5 seconds.