Introduction: 9 Volt Battery Hack!

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Here is how to extract 6 AAAA batteries from one 9 volt ENERGIZER battery and use them like AAA batteries!

Step 1: What You Need...

1 ENERGIZER 9 Volt Battery.

ATTENTION: I do not know if this works with any other type of 9 volt battery. If you try this and end up with something other than what I show you, then you are not using an ENERGIZER battery.

2. A pair of needle nose pliers and a small screwdriver

3. Optional: Gloves

Step 2: How to Do It...

Along the edge of the ENERGIZER 9 volt battery is a crease where the case is joined together. It is basically just crimped together to form a seal. Using the needle nose pliers and if needed, a small screwdriver, carefully peel apart the ENERGIZER 9 volt battery. BE CAREFUL!

Step 3: What's Inside...

When it comes apart, you will find 6 "AAAA" or "quadruple A" batteries that each hold 1.5 volts, the same as a AAA battery. Remove the batteries and also the metal tabs that connected the batteries together.

Step 4: How to Use Them...

Since these hold the equivalent voltage as a standard AAA battery, they can be used in a device that holds AAA batteries. The only difference is that they are a bit smaller in length. That's why you need the connector tabs. You can fold the tabs over and use them as shims between either the positive or negative side of the new AAAA batteries and use them in any device! Have fun!