Introduction: A 30 Second Cat/dog Toy!

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My cats were just sitting on my chair bored out of their minds and then I thought...

A 30 Second Cat Toy!

I dug around in my fabric box and found this cute cat paw fabric. I dug in my random scraps box and found a plastic shopping bag [I never throw those away] and I said "A-Ha!" and I documented it here on isnstructables!

Step 1: Things You Need to Make It.

This cat/dog toy has very few parts.
1)fabric [I found some cat paw fabric at the bottom of my facric scaps box.]
2)a plastic grocery bag [this was in my random scraps box]
3)some string

1)a scissors

Step 2: Step One

crumple the bag up to be about the size of your fist.

Step 3: Step Two

put the bag on the fabric.

Step 4: Step Three

tie it together. use a bow if you wish.

note: tie it tight so the bag doesnt come out and suffocate your beloved felix domesticus

Step 5: Let Your Cats or Dogs Play With It

let your cats or dogs play with it.

my cats liked it, but my dog LOVED it.