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A Battle Water Gun CRC Robot

As a more meaningful holiday filler, it would be nice if the kids were made toys that were challenging but were still inexpensive and the material was easy to obtain. A robot fighter equipped with water guns and a target circle attached to a tissue. This robot made two pieces would be more exciting, because there will be a fierce battle between two robots. Each robot will shoot the target of an opponent in the form of a circle that is covered by tissue. whoever is able to shoot with water the circle of his opponent's tissue until a hole with water shots means that he wins. really exciting robot toy fighter and fun filling the holidays with your baby and family.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 used bottle

1 mini water pump

2 gearbox motor from 2 mini 4 wd cars

2 pieces cutted alphaboard

1 gearbox motor from 1 mini tank toys

1 short water hose

1 straw

1 9 volt battrey

4 1,5 volt battreis

2 metres10 pin cable

2 mini switch

2 off-on-off switch 6 pins

2 mini push on switch

Step 2: TOOLS

1 plier

1 cutting pliers

1 big scissor

1 ruler

1 marker

1 screwdriver minus

1 glue gun

1 tin solder

1 solder

Step 3: Hack the Gearbox Motor From Mini Car 4 WD

Take 2m 4 WD mini cars and open its upper body and cut its two

axles.And glue each part of it to others.As seeen on picture.

Step 4: Upper Cover From Alphaboard

Prepare two pieces upper cover from alphaboard as seen on the picture

Step 5: Prepare Mini Bottle

Cut the bottle, take the upper and the lower of it.Prepare it as the water bank.

Step 6: Set the Mini Water Pump

Take a mini water pump and insert it to the mini water bottle.Take its cable out of the bottle.

Step 7: Set the Tissue Elipse Roller

Take the gearbox as seen on the picture.Glue the tissue elipse roller on the axle

Step 8: Making the Cable Remote

As seen on the picture, connect every cable to the others.If there are difficulties in it.I will expline as clear as the good explanation.I hope this holiday with my family this year will be more fun with water gun fighter robots.

May try it now good luck!

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