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A mother is like a flower where each one is unique and beautiful. The dearest love and protection in which a mother nurture her child has no traces of insecurity but better cure.

A mother's love and warmth of touch always give us shelter in times of troubles through which we don't have to fear. She is the sweetest gift the God has presented me from my birth or creation.

We don't grow when things are easy ,we grow up when we face challenges and I devote a special thanks to my mother for teaching me how to face them bravely and achieve the desired goal.

That's why you're the loveliest,adorable and the long life friend of mine. You're so special and simply the best.

Happy Mother's Day to you ...

Hello everyone , concentrating hard about what to present to your beautiful mother? Not to worry. Try out this fascinating idea about what I presented my mom...

Well friends, I've made this beautiful lotus lamp for my mother's day gift. It's very easy to make . Just present it to your dearest mum and feel the magic.

Let's start making this:~

Step 1: Materials We Need to Make This

  • Plastic spoons ( 70 pieces )
  • Hot glue
  • Plastic cup
  • A red LEAD bulb
  • Holder with wiring connection

Step 2: Pasting

Take the spoons and cut out their heads. Actually it's the most important part. Now start pasting the spoons one after another sequencially over the plastic cup using hot glue gun until it's completely filled and looking like a white beautiful lotus flower.

Step 3: Lighting

Now fix the bulb on the holder. Stick the lotus over the light holder using hot glue. Now turn on the lights to feel the magic.

Mother's love always protect us during dark times. Mothers are the creator of this world and due to her our existence today is worth while. The love she gives her child can never be compared to anyone else's as she is our true guider and nurturer after God.

So we should respect and love them with whole heart and follow the true path of her guidance through which we'll obviously become successful in our life.

Happy mother's day....^_^

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