Introduction: DIY Miniature Skateboard Made With Recycled Materials

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Skateboards are one of the latest trends of today's generation. They're easy to ride and take us anywhere quite quickly.
Skateboards made our hanging out with friends more exciting.
So why not our dolls also have some fun while going out with their friends.This made me create this miniature skateboard. It's not very complicated to make and gift it to your dolls on Halloween, they'll become super happy and go out looking cool on Halloween to collect treats on your skateboard.


The materials needed are:~
•Hot glue
•A piece of PVC electrical casing pipe
•4 screw cap hole covers for wheels
•Double-sided tape

Step 1: The Body of the Skateboard

First of all, paste a band-aid on the electrical casing pipe. Now we got a shape of how our skateboard would look like. Next cut along the side of the band-aid on the casing pipe. After cutting it'll look like the picture 2 of this section. Cut a double sided cello tape and paste it on the band-aid side of the board. Cut the edges and remove the extra tape.Now bend the two sides of skateboard lightly.

Step 2: Preparation for Making the Wheel Section

Cut the ear-buds' blue pipes .
•first one of 3 cm
•second and third ones of 1 cm
Cut the wires in 2 parts so that each one is 1.5 cm.
Clean the screw caps hole covers with the cotton of the earbuds.

Step 3: Making the Structure of the Wheel

Put hot glue in one of the the screw cap hole cover and put the one side of the 1.5 cm wire inside it. Cover the wire with the 1 cm pipe of the earbud. Now put hot glue in the other screw cap hole cover and put the another side of the 1.5 cm wire inside it.The structure will look like picture 3 of this section. The reason why we cut the pipe smaller than the wire because we'll paste the wheels on the either side of the wire which is thin. Meanwhile the pipe's cross section
Is wider which can create problems while
rotating the wheels. Paste the 3 cm pipe on the back of the skateboard.

Step 4: Making the Skateboard

Paste the wheel structures , on the back of the skateboard by hot glue.

Step 5: Decorating

Decorate the board as our wish.

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