Introduction: Greg Heffley From Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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Do you whimper,feel sad or angry and say curses when you feel that your day has been ruined or your golden opportunity has been taken away by someone close to you. Same felt Greg, the protagonist of my favorite book,Diary of a Wimpy kid. I kinda feel very depressed sometimes when my day gets ruined so Greg is an important character to me. Here's how to dressup like him....


The materials needed are:
•A plain half sleeved white shirt
•Black Shorts
•A bag packed
•Black shoes
•A mask of Greg

Step 1: Making the Mask

Materials needed are :~
•White Chartpaper
•A pencil
•Black Market pen

Draw a circle on the paper by compass. Then make a rough sketch of Greg's face with the help of the circle.

Step 2: Cutting

Draw Greg's Face with the black marker and erase the pencil lines. Cut out the face leaving two straps of paper in the both corner of the mask.

Step 3: Adding the Strings

Poke 1 hole in each of the extra paper strips on each of the side of the mask .Then put each of the strings in each hole and tie knots. Our mask is ready to wear.