Introduction: A Bright Glowing Heart Floating in a Box for a Cutie

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A Bright Glowing Heart Floating in a Box for a Cutie 

This is for the love of your life.  A special de-light.  You set the time just right.  It will make it alright, preventing a big fight.  Who's wrong, who's right, who cares,  doesn't matter.  In case your timing's off,.  I'd go with the Clapper...!

It's important to pay close attention to the HEAT of the light source, over time it can be a fire hazard.

LED's work the best!


LED Strip / Salvage a Third Brake - Center Light out of a car
(Check-out the "self service" salvaged yards for cars. That allow you to remove the parts yourself.  The parts are inexpensive, a screw driver and a pair of pliers, should be all the tools needed to remove.  Make it an adventure, there's always plenty to see, it's likely you'll find these laying around, broken-off or just hanging.  *** Disassemble the light in the yard. Think of the cost of the part "Per Pound" Salvage what you need and leave the rest.  This is what you're going to be charged for at checkout.   A "light bulb" is much cheaper, than a "light assembly")

3 pieces of thin foam sheet-packing material / Cut to fit tightly inside box / Diffuser for the Light

110 Volt Lamp Timer

The Clapper /  Can add "The Wow Factor" at just the right time!

12 Volt / Power Supply - AC Adapter-Transformer / 500 mil amps 

Styrofoam / 12"X12" flat sheet minimum 3/4'-1" thick / Any type of foam, plastic cover, tight fit inside box  / FRAME

Aluminum Foil /  13"x13' Cover the Styrofoam / Any type of draw-liner, decal, tape,   

5" thin light gauge sheet metal / Any type material... easy to cut, bend, shape / HEART

5" piece of Rainbow / Space Tape to cover the Floating Heart

7"x11" Fruit Box (Cutie's pictured) 

(2) Wire Connectors

Electrical Tape  To seal up electriacal connector s.

A short piece of String to hang you the Heart

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