Introduction: A Fragment of Universe

This is a composition for a gift card.

Step 1: Materials

- two stock cards, grey and black (dim. ~10.5 cm x 15 cm)

- transparent drawing paper, white and green;

- a small piece of board with shiny dots;

- two dies with a tree shape and a yin-yang sign;

- shiny acrylic colors;

- strasses, pearls and spangles;

- hobby glue.

Step 2: Preparing the Card

- I bonded the two sheets after I narrowed one cm.

the black one and painted the edges of both of them.

- The green transparent paper is a little bit embossed.

- I bonded the green paper and the yin-yang pieces in the center.

- Around it, I drew some leaves and paint them with green.

- All around, I bonded the trees obtained with the die, from the

transparent paper.

Step 3: Final Embellishment

- In the corners I painted some flowers (blue and red)

- I bonded the strasses on the lateral edges and the

pearls and spangles in the area of flowers and leaves.

This is my composition: A fragment of Universe!

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