Introduction: The Connection...

This project is based on the idea of 'dendritic' painting.
I saw a tutorial with this technique and I tried it.

(You can see the basic ideas here:

Step 1: Materials

The materials used for this painting:

- a cardboard prepared for painting (~dim. 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm);
- a photo frame;
- two sheets of glass (~dim. 9 cm x 13 cm);
- a paper scotch tape;
- acrylic colors used on glass: gold satin, purple and silver.

Step 2: Creating the Dendrits

- On the first sheet of glass I put the three colors: gold satin, purple and silver
and I spread them a little bit.

- I pushed the second sheet of glass over the first one, with a small mismatch of the
edges. I pressed it firmly, spreading the colors.

- When I considered that the spread is sufficient, I separated the two glasses slow,
but trying not to slide them. On each sheet appeared the dendritic forms,
like in the image.

- Immediately, I pressed the cardboard over the one of the glasses with the hand
and after that I separated it. You can see the result in the last image.
I used on the cardboard a paper scotch tape to cover the laterals, in order to
guide somehow the image. After the image was created, the tape was removed.

- Till the colors are still wet, more papers can be pressed over the sheets of glasses,
but each time the result is different and the colors are more pale.

- The separation of the sheets is a little bit difficult and this is the cause that a
mismatch of the edges is necessary. Eventually, if the sheets are thick, a sharp
object will be helpful to do this operation.

Step 3: Final Painting

- I waited to dry the colors 24 hours, just to be sure.

- After that, I used around the dendrits a glitter paste, with shiny effects,
some red accents from bottom to top and a new layer of shiny blue
in the top are. Like a sky!

After the colors dried, I put the painted cardboard in the frame.

Now, the "connection" is ready!

- I liked my dendritic experience. And the result is very random!

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