Introduction: A Taped Led-tterbox

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Hi everybody!

My name is Damien and I hope you will like this instructable named: a Taped Led-tterbox. A name that I made-up :)

I will show you how to add light inside a letterbox using a (very cheap) flashlight, reflective paper and tape.

Actually, this project is a version 2, the first version did not have mirror paper so you can do it without but it really help to increase the light inside your letterbox.

I made the first version of this Led-tterbox about a year ago because it was quite difficult to see if I had mail or not, even when using my phone as a flashlight. This modification save me time and I'm using it everyday and I hope you will find it useful too

Step 1: What Do We Need

Here is what we need:

  • tape: it needs to be strong since it will hold the flashlight, and since you will often push on the switch-on button, a strong tape is really recommended
  • a flashlight: easily found on the web, I recommend to find one with an easy access to the battery, this will be useful when the battery will be empty
  • mirror foil paper or aluminium paper: I will use it for two purposes: increasing the light inside the letterbox by taping it just behind the flashlight and having a better view inside the letterbox by taping one in the back of the letterbox
  • tool: a pair of scissors, I have pre-cut the piece I needed to make a quick installation

Step 2: To Your Future Led-tterbox: Place the First Reflective Paper

Use the flashlight to find the position of the reflective paper then tape the reflective paper

Step 3: Taping the Flashlight and First Test

Tape the flashlight, in my case I checked that the switch is not visible from outside. Then test the flashlight, verify that the tape is strong enough when pushing on the switch

Step 4: Taping a Reflective Paper in the Back of the Led-tterbox

The paper is placed to ensure a good visibility of the bottom of the letterbox.

Tape the reflective paper and modify its position if necessary

Step 5: Testing

I've checked by day and night, the flashlight turn out to be really useful by night or when the light is really low

Step 6: A Taped Led-tterbox

Here we are, you have now fully functional Led-tterbox !

The tape was useful to make a quick installation and to not modify or damage the letterbox

I also made a video for this instructable

When the battery will be empty, if needed, just remove a piece of tape to have access to it and replace the battery

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