Introduction: A Tattoo Dye(in $ 0.01)

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I have made a tattoo paint which can be made in 5 Min and costs less than 0.01 $


Step 1: GET the Stuffs

The things needed are :-

  • Rubber band
  • Match sticks
  • A plate
  • Brush
  • Water

Step 2: Step 1


# Get a few rubber bands, any kind of fire producing object (match box), a small, dish, paint brush, water or perfume parents’ permission (video 1)

# Keep the rubber bands on the dish in such a way that a part of the band is a little raised and burn using that part .

# Burn the rubber band using the fire of the match sticks. Keep an eye over the flame see that nothing catches fire.

# If possible don't waste the heat energy but use it in some way.

# try that the whole amount of rubber band is burnt. IF the fire is not too near the end ten pick the band up with your hand to increase the flame and quickly put it down.

# NOW after the fire has gone. Wait for it to cool a bit. Take off the burnt match stick and the part rubber band which is not burn t

# spray ABOUT 3ml of deodorant (for good smell) or water for 2 rubber bands. If you fill you can spray less or more deodorant or water you know not when you will just get a better thing. MIX the burnt rubber using the paint brush. The better you mix the better will the dye be.

# with the help of the paint brush, paint what you want to paint.

# If you make a tattoo or a diagram or anything after the paint has dried remove the solid undissolved part. YOU may even remove them before painting but for that you have to work very hard. SAFTY MEASURES

# Keep a bucket of water near you.

# don't disturb the flame

# Do it with the guidance of an elder

Step 3: Step 2


I didn't have to do much of a research as the first thing which I found was almost perfect. The problems which were there and how I solved it is given below.

# IT had a very bad, burning, smell. I had to use some drops of water to change it to semi solid to solve this problem I replaced the water with perfume. And it really worked so my man problem was solved

# IF I use it as a crayon it makes my while hand coloured .So I mixed a few drops a water or perfume. So it became a water colour and I used a paint brush to paint with it and make tattoo.

# I had a thought that it may harm the body of the user. So I drew with it on my hand and It was total safe .

# Can I make any other colour. I am very sorry to say but the only colour that can be formed is BLACK as the colour dies away when it is burnt. Research I DID BEFORE I found it I had burnt a piece of small ,old, waste cloth and it formed a dust kind of thing it was also good enough but it did not satisfy me so I tried out we knew things. Like paper, plastic, ERASER (It was not the same as rubber band as it did not burn easily and when it burned it solidify very quickly so I understood that it cannot be used as a dye), etc. There were so many thing that I tested that I don't remember all of them. The rubber band was the best of all of them. If it is any how launched in the market people can get a cheaper and a darker source of colour which will of great help to artists. If some editing is done may be it can be used to make inks for printer which will make the black cartridge cheaper and darker. IF it is used to make tattoo then we can have a new tattoo every day in just a couple of minutes and can be remover in a few seconds by soap. Some people won't like to make tattoo without pain so they can just use it as paint. It may be used in play to color the characters.

Step 4: Step 3

Question and proposal

There were real less problems faced by me some of QUESTION / PROPOSAL are

# If you use it as a crayon then your hands are gona get real dirty. So as to sole this I thought of mixing a few drops of water and changing it into water color and paint using a paint brush.

# the solution was not fully homogeneous and so as solve the problem we can filter using a filter paper and or you can just rub off the solid particle after it has dried this will also work and the paint will look perfect.

# It has A very bad burning smell. So as to remove the burning smell we can just mix it with perfume or any other good smelling substance

# The rubber does not burns completely. The flame blows off before the rubber band is full burnt for solving this we can raise the rubber band so that the flame is downwards this will increase the flame.

# It would be better that we use the heat of the burning rubber band in some wat may be to heat ourselves at winter as energy is very costly

Step 5: Step 4

Step 6: Cleaning It

Step 7: Result


I had accidentally made it. when I touched it my hand got painted I took an burnt rubber band and drew with it in a piece of paper and it worker just like the normal crayon but a crayon would cost me 5 rupees but it will cost me, but to make the same amount with rubber band maximum 2 rupees and it’s a lot darker also . When I saw my hand it was black and it did not go by rubbing my hand but when I used soap or hand wash, ,and cloth it went away very easily . So i had just discovered a tattoo paint and I have made some modification in it.

Step 8:

I have given the information about how you can make this paint and what happens while using what and why is rubber band the best of all I have tested. As the method is small thus the result is .but according to me the thing is very use full.

I don't want to keep this small discovery only to myself but i want the world to know it. The thing I have made is very cheap and is very dark and though it had very small limitations I tried to solve almost all of them but I know there's still a long way to go before it is launched. The biggest problem that I have face and didn't get a idea to solve is :- THE PRODUCTION OF THE DIE CAUSES A LOT OF POLLUTION.I am trying and researching a lot ot find an answer but I didn't get a way to control this problem .So if any one knows how to solve it PLEASE contact me I will be very happy. THERE are no more "problem" but I want to improve things for it like

# I am trying to find the best ratio for the mixture of water, perfume and the burnt rubber band

# a better way in which it can be used like crayon

# I would try that the tattoo is a little more permanent but not too much # the most important is too do various tests on it as to check whether it fully safe to use. I have done a few tests like testing on people.

# while I am making the rubber bands Idea better I will also try to find a better material to make it.

# Try to make it with least amount of pollution(MOST IMPORTANT) By the time I have improved this more thought of improvement will also come in my mind but this is all that improvements I will write. HOW CAN WE USE IT:-

# it can be used as a tattoo paint to make tattoo and it is very easy to remove and to make so it can be replaced daily as our thoughts also change daily I think people will like this for this reason

# this can be used as water colour as it is very dark and the colour looks good .It can be used as crayon after it is put inside a case with great pressure

# This can be used in all forms of drawing like shading, painting

# after making some major changes may be it can be used as a printer ink.