Introduction: A Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

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Hey guys !

Another friend needed something to store some cleaning stuff in the bathroom of his new flat. I told him that I can build for him something cheap, and I did :).

I use pin for this project because as I said it's cheap. But you can use any kind of wood you want. This project is simple. It's only 2 shelves with 4 fency doors and 1 molding at the top to make it pretty. I just took lot's of time to make those 4 panels in the midlle of doors, because I don't realy have the right tool to make it faster.

I made 2 videos of this project with english subtitles. If you like it don't forget to put the thumb up, subscribe to my youtube channel and to share those videos. There are more informations and pictures on my WebSite.

Hope you'll like it, happy woodworking !

Step 1: What You Need to Make Your Own

Any kind of wood you want

The cut list

The Sketchup model (click below for free download)

Workshop equipment :

- circular saw

- router

- chisels

- handplanes

- drill

- hardware (hinge, handle, etc...)

- finishing products

- and few measurement tools

Step 2: The Doors

I invite you to watch the video to see how I made thoses doors. I use mortises and tenons to make the frame (strong joint) and I use a circular saw (under table) to make the panel. The panel are sitting inside a groove all around the frame.

Step 3: The Structure and the Finishing Process

Here is how I made the structure, nothing fency. Just 2 rectangular shelves. About the molding I use my router table and 2 different router bits to make it. I screwed everything together and glued. I hided the screw with few beech dowels.

About the finishing I use something called "badigeon" in french, I don't know the name in english. It helped me to get a white and "transparent" look. I wanted to be able to see the grain. And at the end I put few coats of special varnish for bathroom furnitures. Just check the video :).

Thanks for watching.