Introduction: TV & Media Console

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Hi guys !

I built few years ago this consolde out of ash for a friend. She would like something special and she has no lots of space in the dinning room. She must be able to open the window that's why this console has this look.

I don't have video about this project but you can still see more pictures on my website if you want :). Check it out.

I invite you to check my Youtube Channel for more woodworking videos.

Step 1: What You Need to Build Your Own

Any kind of wood you want.

The cut list

The sketchup model (click below for free download)

Workshop equipment :

- circular saw

- router

- chisels

- scrapper

- sandpaper

- finishing product

- wood glue

- handsaw

- few measurment tools

- bandsaw

- handplane

- planer/thicknesser

- clamps

Step 2: Cutting Time

I choose ash wood for this project (I like it).

First, I cut the wood outside with a circular saw to the right lenght. I write on each part what piece it is. After that I use the band saw to cut it to the right width.

Then I let the wood sleep for at least one week.

After than, I planed and tchicknessed all the piece and I uses circular saw to cut it to the exact width.

Step 3: The Top and the Bottom

I begin to glue few pieces to buil the top and the bottom.

When it's dry I cut it to lenght and I use my router to make the grooves and the rabbets for the inside separations.

Then I cut the inside separations.

Step 4: Dry Glue

I check the fit and if everything is squared.

I have now the structure.

Step 5: Glueing Time

It's time to glue everything, don't forget to check if everything is squared.

Step 6: The TV Support

I use handmade dovetails to build the TV support. This part is simply glued into a mortise on the lid.

Step 7: Making the Drawer

To make the drawer I handmade dovetails (I should make half blind dovetails, but I didn't :D)

Step 8: Molding Time

With the router I made the moldings all around the top and the bottom. It looks like a japanese furniture (ok, just a little :D).

Step 9: Varnishing

I use a dark oak varnish, I like the color. There are 4 coats and I buffed averything for a nice and shiny look.

Hope you liked it.

Happy woodworking and thanks for watching.