Introduction: The Cabinetmaker Toolchest

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Hi everyone !

I recently finished to build my lovely toolchest. I was one of my frist project. I was inspired byt the David Barron's toolchest. I made it out of oak, poplar, and ebony.

Step 1: The Building Videos

If you don't want to read this article, I invite you to watch the building videos and to check my web site for more informations. Enjoy watching. Don't be afraid to share those videos around the world, to let a comment, or to put a thumbs up :). It'll help me.

Step 2: What You'll Need to Make Your Own

You'll need some wood, some patience, some tools, and the plan :)

Machines :

- planer/thicknesser

- circular saw

- Router

- Chisels

- Handsaws

- Handplanes

- Sandpapers

- Some measuring tools

Step 3: Cutting Time

Firstly, I cut all pieces that I needed using circular saw and bandsaw, and I let it dry for few weeks.

Step 4: Making the Box

I made the box, buy gluing to pieces out of oak, I cut it to the right lenght and I cut the dovetails by hands. Before gluing I cut a groove inside for the bottom pannel.

Step 5: Making the Lid

I made the lid like it was a cabinet door. I joined everything with through mortises and tenons. The panel is not glued, it's just stuck inside a groove.

Step 6: Making the Racks

I made the racks in the same was that the box, using dovetails and grooves. Bottoms are 2 pieces out of poplar glued together. All separations inside the racks are made ouf of poplar.

Step 7: Finishing

I used varnish and wax to finish this project. I put 3 coats of varnish, and one coat of wax. I like the result.

Hope you enjoyed this project. Thanks for watching.