A Fun, Cheap and Easy Way to Make a Monetary Gift a Little More Personal

Introduction: A Fun, Cheap and Easy Way to Make a Monetary Gift a Little More Personal

Sometimes people ask for money towards a big purchase or something else on their birthday, but giving an envelope is just so boring. So I wanted to find a way to make giving money a little more tangible. This is what I came up with...

Step 1: Materials

you're gonna need:
  • a little (wooden) box, I bought this one for 1 euro
  • some paint, I just used whatever I had lying around
  • paintbrush
  • some giftwrap
  • a design and a pencil to draw it on the box with
Since the person I made this for wants to buy a Mac with his birthday money I printed out the apple logo on a size that would fit the box.

Step 2: Drawing

Either draw freehand or trace your design on the box. For me it was easiest just to cut the apple out and then trace around it.

Step 3: Painting

Just fill in the design with paint and let it dry a bit (or use a hair dryer).

Make sure the layer of paint is fully opaque, because if you have to paint over it again there's a lot more chance you'll make a mistake and end up painting over it 15 more times, all the while distorting the original design (yes, I speak from experience :), luckily that didn't happen on this one though).

Step 4: Done!

Line the box with the giftwrap, and put your gift inside. And that's all!

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! I'll probably use this at least 5 times a year.! 5*


    Nice job, granted I spent sometime wondering why and apple then I went back... I still like to hid it inside random trinkets, I missed the opening of presents one year and two months later my friend called me to tell me she found twenty quid inside the jewellery...


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Lovely and thoughtful way to present a gift! I always keep a lookout for little coin purses and wallets on sale for when I give a gift card, but this is really nice going the extra mile!