Introduction: A to Z Princess

What A to Z Princes is, is that it is a Angle, Zombie and princes costume. Or just an Angle or Princes costume, what ever you per fur. Its very simple and easy to do, it takes (Angle/Princes) 1 minute tops to put together. While the Zombie, Angle/Princes takes 4 minutes tops.


White sheet

Make-up (optional, takes more time)


White clothing (optional)

Step 1: Get a White Sheet

Get your white sheet and arrange it to your liking, then take your belt and put it around you to hold up the dress or suit or whatever you made. Also if you want to make get make-up and do your best to make it look like you have bruises and blood all over your face to make it look like a zombie or whatever be my guest. Then viola! Done!

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