Introduction: Organize - Cash - Glow

This is used for organizing your thing, and it can hold your spare change at the top. Also if you want you can fashion a book sand with a light for reading when it darker. How I made this, was by first cutting out a shape in a milk jug. Then I cut another shape out of that first shape and made a little container at the top. Then I painted and added little pom poms (just because I can). Then for the picture holder just glue popsicle sticks together and paint them.


  • Milk Jug
  • Marker
  • Knife
  • Paint (optional)
  • Glue
  • Popsicle sticks

Step 1: Cut and Glue

The first thing that needs to be done, is that you need to cut out a shape in the milk jug using a knife. This shape can be whatever you want but I suggest what I did above. Then using the piece that you cut out glue to the back of the milk jug near the top to create a little compartment at the top. Also optional is a little picture holder, all you need is four Popsicle sticks clue them together and stick it somewhere on your milk jug.

Step 2: Paint and Accessorize

All thats need to be done, is to paint!! So get whatever you want to go! Then also for another option you can add pom poms. TO do that just get some little puff balls and glue them on to some yarn and viola!! Done!

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