Introduction: A Warm Stitch Suit in Any Size (including Adult Sizes)

My friend who is a great fan of stitch asked me to make her a stitch suit for the long cold winter nights.

This one is really easy to do.
what you will need :
- dark blue and light blue fleece
- a little piece of pink fabric for the inner ears
- black and white felt to make the eyes and the nose
- 6 buttons
- thread
- newspaper
- pants and t-shirt to make the pattern

Step 1: Mesurement and Body Pattern

you will only need 2 mesures : from shoulder to waist and from waist to foot

Put your folded pants and shirt on newspaper and draw the shape all around. Check the mesurements as shown on the pictures to e sure the suit will fit.

Step 2: Other Pieces of Pattern

to make the rest of the pattern I used the shape of a hoodie.

I drew the other pieces : semicircle for the nose, drops for the eyes, a line of semicircles for the teeth, an oval for the belly.

Then, cut the pattern pieces in the different fabrics. Don't forget to let 1/2" of seam allowance. The body and sleeves pieces are cut on the fold. In the end, you should have as many pieces of fabric as shown on the picture.

Step 3: Sew!

- sew both parts of the body like shown by the red lines on the picture.

- then, sew them together along de back seam, between the legs, and about 8" behind (let an opening for the buttons).

- sew the sleeves to the body

- sew the two pieces of belly on the body.

- make buttonholes and sew the buttons regularly.

- sew the hems of wrists and ankles

At this step you sould have something like the last picture.

Step 4: The Face

- sew the hood along the red line for both dark and light blue fleeces

- make  little slots on each side of the dark blue hood : this is where we're gonna sew the ears.

- sew the ears : a blue piece with a pink one and turn it right side out. fold it like the 2nd picture and put it in the slots. sew.

- place the nose and the eyes on the hood and once you're astisfied with the position sew them. To get a nice edge aroud the light blue parts I used a satin stitch.

- sew the hood with the light blue lining with the line of teeth between the two layers.

- turn the hood right side out and sew it to the body of the suit.

Step 5: Wear It!

I've also made slippers with claws for her Stitch suit to keep her feet warm too!

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