Introduction: A4 Felt Folder

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Hi friends!

I want to share with you how to make A4 Felt Folder.

Now you can organize your papers. It's also a cool bag for your tablet, a favorite book or a sketchbook. Keep small stuff, such as stickers/markers/pencils or phone, in front pockets.

If you are thinking between functionality and design, I hope you will find this project interesting. This requires minimal sewing skills and is easy to make, just do it by yourself and share your results ;)


  • Grey & Green Felt
  • 18mm Magnetic Round Clasp
  • Sewing Machine
  • Binder Clips
  • Green Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ruler
  • Cutter or Scissors

Step 1: Take a Few Measurements

I found a cute notebook with a perfect motto "Crazy Ideas & Other Genius Stuff ". It is A4 size, so my folder should fit it.

23 x 30cm - notebook size

ADD 2 cm to the left and right sides and the final width will be 34cm.

  • 40 x 34 cm - the back part with flap - GREY
  • 25 x 34 cm - the inner side - GREY
  • 21 x 34 cm - the big pocket - GREEN
  • 15 x 34 cm - the side with 3 small pockets - GREY

Step 2: Cut All Felt Pieces, Line Up All Them Together and Check If the Sides Match Up

Step 3: Pockets

Take the first 2 felt layers. Align and fix them with binder clips.

Mark 10 cm from the left side and 10 cm from the right side. And sew along these lines and tie knots on the backside.

Step 4: Sew All Around

Align all layers again and pin them in place with binder clips. Sew all around the edges, leaving a 3-5 mm.

Make sure your work is neat and tightly adjusted. Sew it slowly and if you share your chair with an assistant (like me) this will be quite difficult)))

Step 5: Pin One Part of Magnetic Clasp to the Pocket

Use a glue gun and glue one small square of felt to the inside of the pocket

Step 6: Pin and Line the Last Part of Magnetic Clasp

Put inside your bag a notebook or tablet, because now we will find the right position for the clasp.

Take small felt square and pin to it the last part of the magnetic clasp. Fasten it and apply glue on top. Fold the flap and press a little. Wait until the glue is set completely and after you can open your bag.

Step 7: Our Work Is Done :)

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