Introduction: AA-12

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Well, after quite a bit of inactivity, I have made a new instructable for you. This is a Great gun. For one, looks. And for two, the way it shoots. You may ask, The way it shoots? Yes. This magazine is special. It shoots two blue rods at a time, making a shotgun effect.
I have made it so the magazine top is higher than it would be if it were to hit one bullet at a time. The top is a little bit higher, so the firing pin strikes two bullets a time.

To sum it all up, It's a shotgun with great looks. That gets 45 foot range, but at that range, the bullets are usually spread apart by about 4 feet, so use it at close range. It also has a pin guide and a bolt that goes forward after you pull it back.
Pros and cons?? YES!!!

The looks
the shotgun effect
it has good range for a shotgun
has a bolt
pin guide

One bullet doesn't go as far sometimes
sights aren't the best.

Well get building! Show me a picture if you finish it!

Step 1: Stock

Stock. (shoulder support)

1: What you will make
2: Make this. (blue rods too)
3: Make this too
4: Make this....
5: this too.
6: make the last panel
7: oh yes, make that too.
8: Get the first plate and put on that panel.
9: Push it down and put the next layer on.
10: Slide it down and put the next layer on.
11: Put the last one on.


Step 2: Fake Barrel

The fake Barrel. (bullets pass through here) 

1: What you'll be making
2: Make these
3: Put them together
4: Make all this stuff
5: Put (most) of it together
6: Add the other panel, and add the white rod.
7: Put tape over the white rod on both sides
8: Attach that part like so.
9: arrange it like that.

Step 3:

WAIT!!!! You need to stop and have a break! All that building is making you tired!! You need to enjoy a nice, warm, cinnamon bun. Mmmmmm.... NOW LETS FINISH THE GUN!

Step 4: Body

The body. (where the magic happens)

1: What will be made when you are done this step.
2: Make this. Read image note.
3: Another view of that part.
4: We'll make the handle now. Make all of this stuff.
5: Add that panel to the one with the white rods.
6: Add THAT panel...
7: Add everything else
8: Make this panel. Don't forget the blue rods, and the spaces without green rods.
9: A view of the other side. This MUST be there.
10: Make two of these. Just put the blue rod on one of them.
11: Make all of this stuff.
12: add the panel with only one blue rod to the panel with tons of them. Then add all of the insides you made before. Add the handle too.
13: Add the magazine!
14: Add that panel.
15: make it!!!
16: Add it there. (this may take a while :P)

ALMOST DONE! We just have to make some stuff first...

Step 5: Extras...

Extras. We need to make this stuff to make the gun actually work.

The firing pin can just use a normal female ball joint if you don't have the piece in the picture.

Step 6: Building!

FINALLY! Let's put together the AA-12!

1: Take off the grey connector thing, and slide that on the stock.
2: Add those things.
3: Attach like this. Read image note.
4: add the half green rod. Attach the stock.
5: Put this on the other side of the stock.
6: Add the fake barrel like this for now...
7: Take these off of the Barrel
8: Attach those red rods.
9: Put the things you took of back on. (this takes a little force.)

YOU ARE DONE!!!! Now lets add rubber bands and load it!

Step 7: Loading!

Let's add rubber bands, then load the gun.

1: Let's put in 4 blue rods.
2: push them up with the push.
3: get a long, stretchy elastic
4: put it on the push like that. (look at the trigger band too)
5: Put elastics on the pin (look at pic 6&8)... Then pull back the bolt.
6: Pulled back...
7: Bolt forward (put an elastic on the bolt like it is in the picture.)
8: Pull trigger!!!!