Introduction: AA-12

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Well, after quite a bit of inactivity, I have made a new instructable for you. This is a Great gun. For one, looks. And for two, the way it shoots. You may ask, The way it shoots? Yes. This magazine is special. It shoots two blue rods at a time, making a shotgun effect.
I have made it so the magazine top is higher than it would be if it were to hit one bullet at a time. The top is a little bit higher, so the firing pin strikes two bullets a time.

To sum it all up, It's a shotgun with great looks. That gets 45 foot range, but at that range, the bullets are usually spread apart by about 4 feet, so use it at close range. It also has a pin guide and a bolt that goes forward after you pull it back.
Pros and cons?? YES!!!

The looks
the shotgun effect
it has good range for a shotgun
has a bolt
pin guide

One bullet doesn't go as far sometimes
sights aren't the best.

Well get building! Show me a picture if you finish it!

Step 1: Stock

Stock. (shoulder support)

1: What you will make
2: Make this. (blue rods too)
3: Make this too
4: Make this....
5: this too.
6: make the last panel
7: oh yes, make that too.
8: Get the first plate and put on that panel.
9: Push it down and put the next layer on.
10: Slide it down and put the next layer on.
11: Put the last one on.


Step 2: Fake Barrel

The fake Barrel. (bullets pass through here) 

1: What you'll be making
2: Make these
3: Put them together
4: Make all this stuff
5: Put (most) of it together
6: Add the other panel, and add the white rod.
7: Put tape over the white rod on both sides
8: Attach that part like so.
9: arrange it like that.

Step 3:

WAIT!!!! You need to stop and have a break! All that building is making you tired!! You need to enjoy a nice, warm, cinnamon bun. Mmmmmm.... NOW LETS FINISH THE GUN!

Step 4: Body

The body. (where the magic happens)

1: What will be made when you are done this step.
2: Make this. Read image note.
3: Another view of that part.
4: We'll make the handle now. Make all of this stuff.
5: Add that panel to the one with the white rods.
6: Add THAT panel...
7: Add everything else
8: Make this panel. Don't forget the blue rods, and the spaces without green rods.
9: A view of the other side. This MUST be there.
10: Make two of these. Just put the blue rod on one of them.
11: Make all of this stuff.
12: add the panel with only one blue rod to the panel with tons of them. Then add all of the insides you made before. Add the handle too.
13: Add the magazine!
14: Add that panel.
15: make it!!!
16: Add it there. (this may take a while :P)

ALMOST DONE! We just have to make some stuff first...

Step 5: Extras...

Extras. We need to make this stuff to make the gun actually work.

The firing pin can just use a normal female ball joint if you don't have the piece in the picture.

Step 6: Building!

FINALLY! Let's put together the AA-12!

1: Take off the grey connector thing, and slide that on the stock.
2: Add those things.
3: Attach like this. Read image note.
4: add the half green rod. Attach the stock.
5: Put this on the other side of the stock.
6: Add the fake barrel like this for now...
7: Take these off of the Barrel
8: Attach those red rods.
9: Put the things you took of back on. (this takes a little force.)

YOU ARE DONE!!!! Now lets add rubber bands and load it!

Step 7: Loading!

Let's add rubber bands, then load the gun.

1: Let's put in 4 blue rods.
2: push them up with the push.
3: get a long, stretchy elastic
4: put it on the push like that. (look at the trigger band too)
5: Put elastics on the pin (look at pic 6&8)... Then pull back the bolt.
6: Pulled back...
7: Bolt forward (put an elastic on the bolt like it is in the picture.)
8: Pull trigger!!!!

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    Dr MonkeyMan
    Dr MonkeyMan

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Would look better with a drum mag. And i also repeated step 3 several times.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    maybe you could try to make one for looks with mag inside? It would be cool. This gun looks EPIC though, I'm totally building it. Maybe when I'm done I can make a drum mag?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    just get the one u used for the striker


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Don't know if any said this yet, but if you're right-handed reverse the plates from the STOCK otherwise you have to pull the pin with your hands in an akward position.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hmhhm if a gun shoots 2 bullets at one time it is not good, the pin need twice more power to fire two bullets as far as one and imo the stock is a very bit gigantic.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    No it does not. Think of the two blue rods as a bigger rod, like a red rod. It may need a little more power, but it's just the same as shooting a larger rod.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    good for you, i don't even know which sets they're in


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i got that for my birthday (i'm 12) and it's not even that good
    the best thig you can make out if it is a Stealth Bomber (yes i play Call of Duty (and i'm British :D)