Introduction: AC:Syndicate Hidden Blade Guantlet Replica!!

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Welcome to this Low budget hidden Blade guantlet Instructable...

Being latest and perharps the deadliest weapon from the Ubisoft franchise Assassin's Creed. with rising trend of cosplay. Unfortunately many fans/cosplayer around the globe can't own the official replica (toy) , due to shipping and tons of other troubles... And most tutorial online require 3-D printing or pep file components, which is not handy neither (in Hong Kong at least)...Here is my little attempt to solve this problem with papercraft approach, the human pep yet again... the idea for this project solely belongs to my love @marikosusie!! i didnt think i can building this at all, if it isnt for her encouragement!!

my 10th tutorial features:

• No pep files,
• No need to be a computer wizard
• Mostly recycled materials... (low-budget)
• and once you master the technique you can build whatever you like!!
• stepping beyond paper into the realm of foam! (big step for me)
• can be customize in any size and level of detail as you wish

Comparing to the AC4BF and ACUnity hidden blade we built before, This one is a undoubtedly Step up... !!

What are you waiting for fellow assassins?

Step 1: Planning

Assassins, Greetings again!

I am making this guantlet dedicated to my one and only Evie @marikosusie !!

Unusually, this time I jumped right in without much planning. and it turns out quite nice. i wanted to really go free on this one since there isn't much mechanical stuff like the phantom blade i built (check that out if you haven't!!) . instead the big challenge this time is the "leather work".

the construction will be divided in to:

• The Blade
• The Canon
• The grappling hook
• The gauntlet

after piecing all parts together, i then painted it with acrylic paint.

Also the detailed design varies in different official concept art, gameplay and toys. this is not an exact replica of any of those, rather my interpretation based on all. pls see my hand drew sketches based on the common one ... learn these technique and build your own!!

Big thx to the voting and support on our cane sword!! 10K views!! keep it coming pls!! we promise to deliver more quality tutorials!! Check it out if you haven't!!


i went ahead made a prosthetic hand for pattern creation and better presentation, you guys need not to do so.

i also lost 2 hours worth online editing deal to instructable issue, i was so frustrated after this.
• i didnt build it in this exact sequence, i kinda jump here and there. However this is the best work flow as i review it. the pics are organised in a way should not be confusing to y'all, feel free to ask me in the comment below, be back to u asap.
• You might notice i never made the whole guantlet like the official merch. This time the guantlet looks super detail and gorgeous, plus it is crucial to the whole prop. My work around is craft foam!! i always had this "craft-foam-phobia", i didn't like its immature color and its synthetic touches on the skin since i was a child. So learning to use it is a huge step for me, personally!! one childhood trauma gone haha!

Step 2: Tools and Materials

1. Scissors
2. Cutter
3. Hot glue gun
4. Sewing kit (optional)
5. Brushes
6. Ball pen (srsly, not only for sketching)

1. Cardboard (a lot) (i.e. old cereal box)
2. Craft foam
3. Cotton Strings (medium thickness)
4. Acrylic Paint (black, silver, gold)
5. Long Bamboo Stick

Be careful when using sharp tools.

Step 3: Build the Blade

Starting from the sketch i share, the blade has double retractions mechanism. We can certainly make it like last my previous, instead i came up with a new way. I use a crucial human invention, a rope!! this should be way easier to build.

1. Build the sharp blade part, with a optional bamboo stick inside for strength.
2. Attach the rope at the end.
3. Build the first retraction (R1) chamber.
4. Insert the blade in the R1,
5. Pull blade to desired length and glue the rope on the end of R1.
6. Check it the blade function as desired.
7. Attach the rope at the end of R1.
8. Build the Second retraction (R2) chamber, stuff in paper to fill the extra room.
9. Pull R1 to desired length, glue the other end of the rope on R2.
10. Seal the second retraction chamber.
11. Check it the blade function as desired.
12. Add decorative layers
13. Build the rotating wheel from circular disk.
14. Attach the wheel to the blade.
15. Build the base from oval paper disk which is bigger than the opening
16. Curve the base while gluing to fit your forearm
17. glue the blade to the center of the base.

Step 4: Build the Canon

for the size I am making.... The hexagon with 7mm sides is perfect for the main barrel... 6mm side should do you justice for the thinner barrel... this is an aesthetic part, I mean there isn't a fixed sequence of building since there isn't much complex mechanism.

yep re typing all of the following...

roll the muzzle up

add volume to the base

add the pulling ring with a bamboo toothpick as axis

sorry, no darts shooting out of it, yet...

Step 5: Build the Grappling Hook

the pictures are pretty much self explaining... I would like to point out the importance of refering to 1 to 1 reference.

Again the 200 word version i wrote was lost...

Using a bamboo axis preserve the rotary capability which kept the part turning! th
is ease the painting and add more fun to play with. which kept the cylinder part rotatable if that's a word...

all the parts are like beads on a stick...


1 way of creating paper beads is to roll a long strip up, see also rolled paper art if you are interested.

Step 6: Build the Gauntlet

1. Draw the basic pattern of the gauntlet with paper and match it to your arm.
2. Adding seamlines in the pattern helps building the 3d form. there are also 3 seamlines near the knuckle in the original concept art. do so at you will for extra realism!
3.cut a straight long chain in foam.
4. glue the chain as a rim deco around the edges of the gauntlet
5.simply bend the foam chain around the curve edge, this is an advantage foam has over paper
6. cut tiny 4 pointed stars with the curvy blade frequently used in print making.
7. attach them to the guantlet on top of the foam chain

8. add cardboard cut outs of hard deco parts like the blade stopper on the outer side!

cutting small paper disk using hole puncher my not be new to you, a regular trick i employ haha..this is a positive building additive process.

but consider punching a hole and cut a thin rim around the hole. you then have a thin ring! this is a negative building as a subtractive process

Step 7: Attachment

to assemble all part's together...
1. Glue the Canonbase plate to the top opening of the guantlet
2. glue one side of the bottom opening to the blade base plate
3. test fit the circumference with your forearm
4. and glue the guantlet into a close loop
5. add the grappling hook on the side of the blade compartment
6. attach the knuckle plate to the gauntlet
7. add decorative belts and fake buckles according to reference

8. Seal the hole in the top part

i left the three strapes on the inner side loose cus i wanted to do a simple stitching with white thread after the paint. reference shkws that the stitching goes under the 3 strapes... you can do the same or glue them tight here.

Step 8: Painting

I test painted the knuckle part at first... the leather you color depth was achieved by thick layers of acrylic paint... but it cracks upon bending.. so I advice to keep less than 5 layers on the foam part.

1. fully extend all the mechanism
2. Paint a gray base coat
3. Dry brush the Metallica color
4. dry brush the highlights and shadow on the black leather part
5. paint the knuckle and stripes brown with some detail variation of colors

as i mentioned dry brushing is a hard technique to perfect. i am not very good at it, but in position to give some advice, you dont wanna overdo it! leave some of the gray base coat on faces, while more gold paint on edges! this pops the 3d form.

Step 9: Congratulations on Making the Most Amazing Gauntlet, You Are Now Part of the Rooks of London!!

Now let's go show some Templars who really owns these streets! This imstructable covered a few techniques toward geometric papercrafting! And also how to apply your papercraft skills to cheap crafting foam! I hope you picked up something along the way!

pls give Mariko Susie rounds of applause, she is my partner in crime and in life! this project wouldnt possible without her! she is phenomenal in the pictures too!! be sure to chek out the info mative cation she wrote with the photos!!

We enter i series of instructable contest! pls VOTE and support us if you like our work!! Thank you so much for reading our instructable!! Share this with you crafty or assassin's creed friend!!

Pls show us your build! Feed back of any kind are appreciated! ASk us anything, i.e. if you guy have question on a particular step or need additional pics for reference? just let us know in the comments below!! until next time, Happy instructabling!

Step 10: Bonus Frye Throwing Knives

before the game release, we decided to make some throwing knifes to go with! we realise it is slightly smaller than in game! but we did get the shape and paint job done!

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