Introduction: Accent Table From a Director’s Chair

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I rescued this director's chair from the beach 2 years ago with the idea that I would refinish it. Since then it's been in my upstairs hallway with an old wicker picnic basket and 2 displaced African violets sitting on it. While trying not to look at it when watering my violets, it suddenly hit me. I could make a cool little accent table out of this mess! Here's how I did it!


You will need:
A director's chair
Wicker suitcase style picnic basket (a suitcase would work also)
Stiff brush
Masking tape
Spray paint of choice
4 Screws & washers

Step 1: Deconstruct the Chair!

Remove the fabric back from the chair and let the arms fall to the sides. Remove the fabric seat by sliding it out of the grooves in the wood. Folding the chair slightly makes this easier. Use a screwdriver to remove the hinges attached to the seat.

Step 2: Prep the Chair!

Sand all the surfaces with the sander or by hand. It's not necessary to remove all the paint, just rough up the finish. Use the tape to mask off all the hardware.

Step 3: Time to Paint!

Spray paint all the surfaces in a well ventilated area. Allow chair to dry 24 hours. Remove the masking tape.

Step 4: While the Paint Is Drying...

Prepare the picnic basket/suitcase. Make any repairs--I had to fix the handle, remove rust from one of the fastenings, and remove some wax that had dripped on the top. Then dry brush it inside and out, vacuum everything thoroughly, and wash it down with a damp cloth and soapy water. I also rubbed mine with some golden oak stain I had to perk up the color, and reattached the chains that hold the top upright.

Step 5: Bringin' the Whole Thing Together!

Drill pilot holes in the chair frame slightly smaller than the screws you're using. Mine were #6 screws 1 & 1/4" long. Use whatever size works for your situation. I used some small washers so the screws wouldn't pull through the wicker. I drilled my holes over where the legs are attached for extra stability. The holes are staggered, but the screws will be attached from inside the picnic basket and won't show. Attach the basket to the legs with the screws and washers, and voila! Your new table is ready!

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