Introduction: Acrobat

What can be more perfect than an athlete who is competent in his body? For your attention, I offer a wooden toy showing the grace of this action.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


  • plywood 70X100, thickness 3-4 mm.
  • plank 20X200, thickness 5 mm. 2 pieces
  • plank 20X60, thickness 10 mm. 1 pieces
  • kapron rope
  • cardboard
  • сopper wire 0.5-1.0 mm. length 120 mm.
  • paints
  • screw 3.5X30 4 pieces


  • pencil
  • line
  • glue-pencil
  • awl
  • jigsawl
  • grinding paper
  • drill 2 mm
  • electric drill
  • screwdriver

Step 2: Marking and Drilling Parts

Draw, or take a complete picture of an athlete's figure consisting of three parts: the body, arm and legs. Using a glue-pencil stick the picture to the plywood. Remove the air from the picture. After the glue dries, mark the location of future openings with an awl and drill them with a 2 mm diameter drill bit. Importantly!!! There are three holes in the hand, two holes in the arm and one hole in the leg.

Step 3: Sawing Parts

Using a jigsaw, we make three pieces of toys. The second hand and foot should be rounded to the first one. Then make them similarly to the first. As a result, we have five parts of the acrobat. Handle the acrobat with grinding paper.

Step 4: The Making of Horizontal Bar

Use a jigsaw split the bar into two equal parts, 200 millimeters in length. In each of them, mark the hole locations. Each part must have four through holes. Two upper holes for the thread, two lower for screw connection. Drill the hole to a depth of 25 millimeters for the screw, and connect the bar.

Step 5: Fitting an Athlete's Figure

Paint the details of the athlete. Connect the parts using copper wire and cardboard washer.

Step 6: How to Make Everything Right?

Combine with a nylon thread Horizontal Bar and an athlete's figure. Adjust the thread tension and thread it. Click on the bottom of the bars and have fun.

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