Introduction: Adhesive Phone Wallet

It's a phone wallet, made out of duct tape. It's a CardNinja but with duct tape, it's also dirt cheap. This should last a while, and if it breaks it shouldn't take that long to make another. I was at CVS and I saw that they were selling "CardNinja's" for $7. I thought to myself who the heck would want to buy this for 7 bucks while you can make it simply out of duct tape and a few tools? So i googled images of it and it didn't look that hard to accomplish I ended up with this monstrosity. If you enjoyed it please rate it ;)

Step 1: What You Need

-Duct Tape (Any color should work)


-Card (gift card, credit card. anything about that size should work)

-Pen/Colored Pencil

Step 2: Cut 4 Pieces of Duct Tape

about 2 cards long a little extra to be sure

Step 3: Put Together

put them both together then cut the extra off

Step 4: Put the Card to Where You Want to See It

sort of hard to explain put the card at the point where you want it to be laying out then mark and cut it out

Step 5: Fold Card Over With Tape and Cut Off Extra

leave a little for the card to be moveable but not much

Step 6: Add Pieces of Tape to the Side and Bottom

you should be left with one hole

Step 7: Add Some Sort of Double Sided Tape

I just used the duct tape and made it into a circle

Step 8: Apply the Tape

apply the adhessive onto your device

Step 9: Ayyyy You Finished Just Insert Cards and Viola!

You're done with this card holder on your phone!

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