Introduction: Adjustable Closet Drawer Divider

This instructable is DIY for organizing your closet drawer where you could arrange your tie, socks, tools, or anything you want without messing things up.

This drawer divider is made of cardboard sheets.

Components required:

Cardboard sheets (thick sheet of minimum 5mm thick)



This organizer is totally adjustable and number of compartments needed are up to user. The size of compartments can also be changed at later times if required, giving you total customizable options.

Step 1: Measuring the Sizes

Use or ruler or a measuring tape and find the width and length of the drawer.

I will design a 9 compartment divider.

The size of my drawer is 33x45cm .

To make 9 compartments I need two vertical and two horizontal divider.

Step 2: Making the Dividers

I choose height of the dividers to be 6cm.

Cut two cardboard in the size of 6x45cm(vertical dividers)

Cut two cardboard in the size of 6x11cm(horizontal dividers)

After cutting keep them inside the drawer to see if it fits perfectly. If it is so tight try reducing the edges by a cm.

Step 3: Marking for Thin Strips

In the four dividers made, use a ruler and draw a line in the middle along its length.

Then mark a point for every 2cm along its length.

Repeat the same procedure for all four dividers

Step 4: Cutting Thin Strips

Cut thin strips of 1mm in the points marked till the middle line

Do it for all 4 dividers.

Step 5: Joining the Dividers

Thus the dividers are complete, now you can insert one divider into another

You can now arrange these dividers in the way you want for your requirements.

Tip: Try not to fold the cardboard while cutting thin strips or use cardboard that are thick.

If you have tried this instructable share pictures of how yours turned out to be.

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