In this instructables you will learn about carving pencil to make a smallest graphite spanner with a head size of 1mm. Though this looks like a tedious task it is pretty easy to get through.

You will require only two stationery materials to make a graphite carving.

1) Pencil- any type of pencil will do fine ( I have used nataraj 621 HB).

2)Blade-(I have used a Gillette 7'0clock permasharp stainless)

Here we are getting started...

If you have trouble looking into graphite use your mobile camera with 4X zoom


Step 1:

Take out the blade from the cover and hold the blade safely on the middle gap .

Now start by removing the wood around the graphite slowly.

Make sure your blade doesn't touch the graphite.

Calculate the depth of wood to be removed, in our case around 6mm(2mm extra)

Step 2:

Now to make the top and bottom face of the spanner, start to etch the graphite.

Hold the pencil in a firm position, and etch the graphite in a left to right motion (from the wood to the tip).

Apply very less pressure on the graphite like you are moving the blade over it.

Keep doing it for 10-15 times until you get a flat surface on one side.

Now invert the pencil upside down and follow the same procedure again.

When both the sides are flat the top and bottom faces of the spanner are done.

Step 3:

To create the head size hole start by creating a drawing a line in the middle of the flat surface.

Position your blade at the middle, move your blade up and down and slowly press your blade towards the center.

When graphite starts to get etched, first try to develop a "V" shape hole.

Then work from the tip of "V" to the center of the "V" on both the sides(one at a time) so that it turns from V to open square shape.

Step 4:

The middle part (handle) of a spanner is less in width then the end portion.

Leave some space for the curvature on the outer sides of screwhead and etch in the middle portion.

Reduce both the sides of the handle portion uniformly. You could do it 5 times on each side and verify it's okay. If not keep doing it until it looks good

Step 5:

Now to make it look like an ideal spanner prepare for the curvature of the screw head. Make the edges look like a curve by moving it in L shape on outer sides.

When done polish your spanner on the top and bottom sides by etching twice on both faces.

And your pencil carved spanner is done.

Post pictures of what yours turned out to be....

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