Introduction: Adjustable No-Sew Mask

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This is a simple and easy mask you can make with a cotton shirt. It includes adjustable straps and no sewing is required.


  • Cotton T-Shirt
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Bobby or Safety Pin
  • Hot Glue (optional)

Step 1: Begin Laying Your T-Shirt on a Flat Surface

Cut a 6in x 8in square, starting at the bottom of the shirt

Step 2: Your Mask Pieces

After you have cut out the square, use the remainder of the fabric to cut two long strips of fabric that are approximately 10-12in. Once you have cut the square you should notice that the side with the bottom hem now has a hollow tunnel running horizontally

Step 3: Pull

Next, take the two long strips of fabric and pull on them to stretch them out

Step 4: Securing the Second Side of the Mask

There are two methods of securing the second side of the mask

  1. If you have glue, fold the fabric 1in. down and glue the raw edge to the fabric
  2. If you don't have glue, cut small holes down the fabric, leaving at least ½ in. between the holes

Step 5: Finishing the Mask

Finally, secure the previously made fabric strips to either a bobby or safety pin and thread through the other side of the mask

  1. If you glued the side of mask, it will need to be thread through the tunnel
  2. If you cut holes, simply thread the strip through the holes as shown in the second picture

About the Creator:
Hi, I’m Haritha and I’m a student assistant at EXLAB! I like to think of myself as a pretty thrifty maker because I focus on upcycling. Upcycling is a creative way to help the environment and make something cool, I hope you enjoy my instructables!