Introduction: Adult Ewok Costume - Wicket

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I made this Ewok Costume out of stuff from around the house and a few things from the craft and thrift store. I know Wicket wasnt as tall as me... but with the ears on, im a towering 6'4" Ewok. I came across the fur body suit at a thrift store for $6... so i figured... heck... guess I better make something.

Step 1: Ewok Mask

  1. i used a formed cardboard mask from the craft store for the base
  2. molded parts out of Skulpy and baked them in a toaster oven
    • Lips/teeth
    • Nose
    • Areas around eyes
  3. used lenses from old aviator sunglasses for the eyes of the mask
  4. Spray pained the lenses after masking the pupil with a round sticker
  5. used a cheap fur werewolf mask from the dollar store for the fur
  6. Hot glued it all the pieces and fur to the cardboard mask
  7. Painted the clay features with acrylic paint

Step 2: Ewok Gloves

Making Ewok Gloves was super easy

  1. Spray paint the gloves brown
  2. Hot glue 3 strips of faux fur to the back of the hand. I found this fur with wire inside of it that came in a roll. It was not a sheet of fur
  3. i then touched up the paint with some acrylic giving the detail of fingernails.

Step 3: Ewok Shoes or Feet

Making Ewok Feet was also pretty easy.

  1. Using gorilla tape and rolled up paper, i formed some toes and toe nails to the top front of some old Crock shoes i had.
  2. I hit with a couple coats of spray paint to get the overall tone right
  3. A couple lines of hot glue made for some texture for the toe knuckles and nails
  4. a bit of acrylic paint to get the nails and toes just right
  5. Hot glue 2 strips of faux fur to the top of the foot.

there you have it.... size 11 ewok feet.

Step 4: Ewok Hood

This part was a bit tricky. I just sort of free-formed as i went without a pattern.

  1. I started with a $1 army helmet from the thrift store for the base. Without it, my head was to small for the ewok body.
  2. Drape suede leather over the helmet
  3. cut a face circle opening... not to big, it hangs lower then you might think
  4. Cut leather stitching from the suede and stitch it together... and hot glue to the helmet.
  5. make ears with the wire form fir strip. I drilled holes in the helmet so it was mounted securely.
  6. Hang some decor like feathers and beads

Step 5: Ewok Staff - Spear - Ceremonial Rod

This part is kind of fun to get creative with. I dont think there is wrong way to do it. Make a spear, ceremonial rod, staff, weapon.. whatever.

  1. Cut a walking staff from a tree... i got this out of the cottonwood trees in the background
  2. Carve the bark off of the branch
  3. I attached some antelope horns with a screw and covered with some leather straping
  4. hang a couple feathers and beads... perhaps a bird skull

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