Introduction: Centaur Costume With Walking Legs and Cooler From Unicorn City and Battle Axe

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I passed out drinks this year as I cruised Halloween as a Centaur! The character comes form an indy film, Unicorn City.

see how the legs work as i walk. It also has a drain in the back so it could go potty when the cooler drained. ;)


I gathered a couple craigslist-Facebook garage sale free and $10 items for this one.

  • old cooler
  • broken kids bike
  • some old aluminum tubing
  • fur.... lots of fur... when in doubt... put fur on it.
  • foam board insulation
  • muscle shirt
  • old broom handle for the axe
  • 1/4" ply for the axe
  • Spray paint
  • Mohawk wig
  • muscle shirt (or just work out a lot)
  • tight pants
  • some random screws, bolts, rods, zip ties for hardware
  • strap for a body harness
  • velcrow

Step 1: Build the Body

I took the wheels off of a Barbie bike and mounted them to an old piece of aluminum from a broken chair. I then mounted this to the cooler with zip ties that mounted through holes i drilled through just the outer layer of the cooler.

I used these tubes and mounted them vertically. This comes in later and is helpful in making the legs move later.

Step 2: Carve the Legs

Using an electric bread knife, I carved these out of foam board insulation. I couldn't find the thicker board here locally, and just used thin sheets i had on hand and glued 2 layers together to get the thickness. The serrated knife helped make fur texture.

Step 3: Painting and Fur

A couple cans of spray paint always bring everything together. I did the wavy lines to be inline with the Unicorn City movie character.

Also... when in doubt... put fur on it! i made a neck line, cuffs, leg pieces and loin cloth to hide the seems of the shirt. We also put fur on the handle for a tail.

Step 4: Mount the Legs

I attached the bottom of each leg with one bolt to the spokes. This offset could make the legs "walk"

The upper end, i attached a rod with some wire and fitted that down the tube that was holding the wheels on. That way, when the offset bolt rotated, it would drive the upper part of the leg up and down like a piston. watch the video to see it walk

Step 5: How to Make a Battle Axe

I drew an axe profile in CAD and lasered out of 1/4 inch plywood. I then attached that to abroken broom handle... added a bit of spray paint and fur.

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