Introduction: Advent Calendar Banner Garland

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This is a fun and easy to make advent calendar that can be filled with larger objects and can be customized to your liking.

Step 1: Materials

Ribbon (8 - 12 ft)

Paper holiday treat bags


Hole Punch


Black Marker

Candy, toys, small packaged foods, beauty product samples or any small gift items.

Step 2: Cut the Bags in Half

The bottoms of the bags will be used to hold bigger items. The top remnants will be sealed with tape on one end to create fillable packets.

Step 3: Number the Bags and Packets

Using the marker , number the bags and packets with opening towards the top. I alternated between bag and packet to give the garland uniformity and balance. I was making two garlands, so I swapped the packets to give it a little more pattern.

Alternate version:

Turn the packet and number as a diamond instead of a square.

Step 4: Fill the Bags and Packets

Pretty simple. The tops do not have top sealed with tape, but you can, if you like.

For the alternate version, make sure to seal the tops of the packets, so nothing falls out.

Step 5: Punch Holes and String on Ribbon

Punch the holes at the sides, where there is extra paper and it is reinforced.

Alternate version: Punch the top of the diamond.

String on ribbon in order. Space to your liking and leave excess ribbon at the ends, if so desired.

Step 6: Hang and Enjoy!

Count down to Christmas!!

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