Introduction: Horror Movie Towns Directional Sign

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Wanted to do something more subdued this Halloween. No skulls, bats, or ghosts hanging. I picked some of my favorite horror movies and shows to showcase. I used the town's names and distances from my location. I thought this would be creepy for the kids because parents will have to explain the places to their kids and how near or far it is. And the adults can enjoy it as a trivia game of sorts.


Most of these can be purchased at Dollar tree or a dollar store-

Decorative yard stake signs

Acrylic paints

Paint brushes

Stencils, letter stickers or vinyl lettering

Small nails and a hammer

Step 1: Strip the Signs

The signs are MDF with paper décor glued on. Peel the paper part off leaving the MDF. Don't worry about being too neat this will give the signs a more weathered look and texture.

Step 2: Paint the Slats in Your Preferred Colors

Let dry.

Step 3: Adding Towns and Distances

This is where the fun happens! Make a list of your favorite horror movie towns or places. Using google maps find the distance between where your sign will be placed and the towns you have chosen. Also, note the if it is east or west of you.

Using stencils, stick on letters, paint, or cut vinyl letters, put the name and distance on each slat. Remember to use a contrasting color from the base color, so it can stand out.

Step 4: Doubling Up for a Taller Sign

Using a small nails and a hammer, with two signs. nail the top two middle sections of one sign on to base stake of the other sign.

Step 5: Put Them Out and Enjoy!

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