Introduction: Easy Mausoleum Crypt for Garage Door

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So this was inspired by equal parts of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride and the 80's horror movie Phantasm. I wanted a big visual with minimal effort. I also wanted people to be entertained by it. I went for pun names, but you can customize it to have notorious killers, in laws, or more adult puns. Enjoy!

Note: This instructable is for a metal garage door.

If you want to do this for a wooden or plastic garage door use laser printable repositional sheet labels instead of magnetic sheets.


Laser printable magnetic sheets

Laser printer or copier

Printables (in this instructable)

Paper cutter or trimmer

Waterproofing/Weatherproof spray

Step 1: Print Your "marble" Plaques

The plaques are 3 to a sheet on 8.5 x 11. Just print them onto the magnetic sheets. Make sure you use the appropriate paper setting for your machine for best quality.

There is also a blank one, if you want to use adult puns or custom names. Just use a photo editing software with text ability. You can also use an online program like Pixlr editor or Pixlr X.

Step 2: Trim Down the Plaques

Repeat as needed....

Step 3: Add a Protective Coat

Since these will be outdoors and will be getting sun exposure and elemental weather, using a protective spray product is recommended. Spray in a well ventilated area and let dry before handling.

Step 4: Place on Garage and Enjoy!

That's it! The magnet will hold it to the garage and will remove easily when you are done!

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