Introduction: Airplane Propeller Ceiling Fan

I had found this old propeller to add to the collection of airplane parts I was displaying in my garage. I didn’t know at first what to do with it, but once I got the idea of converting it into a ceiling fan… There was no turning back.

Step 1: Take It Apart

First I disassembled the propeller for cleaning and painting.

Step 2: Ask for Help

I then gave the center hub to a friend from work who I knew had the skills required to fabricate a mounting bracket. I gave him free reign in designing the bracket, and he created a vertical mount with a six inch pulley at the top.

Step 3: Skipped a Couple of Steps... Sorry.

Like many projects, I got so involved in getting things done, that I forgot to take photos… Here the mounting bracket has been hung on a vertical 2X8 that I attached to the rafters in the garage. The prop had been painted, new manufacturers decals have been added, and it was mounted to the bracket.

Step 4: Make It Spin!

To spin the propeller, I bought this motor that was originally used in a mobility scooter. It is a 24 volt 6 amp DC electric motor that turns at 300rpm.

Step 5: Make It Spin... Part 2

I removed the original geared pulley. Painted the motor mount black, rotated it 180 degrees and remounted it. I then added a three inch v-belt pulley. It was mounted on the 2X8 above the propeller bracket, facing down, so the three inch pulley on the motor lined up with the six inch pulley on the propeller mount.

A v-belt connects the motor to the mount, and a 110volt AC to 12volt 3 amp DC power supply is used. The prop turns at roughly 75rpm.

Step 6: IT... IS... ALIVE! (For Fun, I Added Some Sound Effects to the Beginning of the Video.)

Step 7: My Other Aircraft Part Instructables!

My garage is becoming a bone yard of used airplane parts. Here is another of my aircraft projects…