Introduction: Alice in Wonderland Book Cake

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This Alice In Wonderland Book cake is made of coffee and walnut cake with coffee and walnut buttercream.

The clock is battery operated and it glows in the dark :)

Follow to the very end step and check on the video to see!

Step 1: The Cake (Coffee and Walnut Cake)

50 g walnut

225 g berry sugar (superfine/caster)

225 g solid coconut oil

200 g flour

1/2 - 1 tbsp instant coffee granules (depending how strong you'd like it to be)

2 1/2 tsp BP

1/2 tsp BSoda

5 medium size eggs

2 tbsp milk

Preheat oven 350 F.

Grease and line with parchment paper a rectangular pan, set aside

In a blender/food processor grind sugar and walnut, reserve 1/4 c

Place the rest ingredient into a mixer bowl, beat to combine

Beat in sugar mixture followed with milk

Pour batter into prepared pan and bake for 25 minutes, cool on rack (knife inserted should come out clean)

Step 2: Buttercream

Into a heat proof bowl, place 1/2 c sugar mixed with 1/4 reserved sugar mixture

Add in 3 egg whites

Heat mixture on double boiler until 160 F

Take off from heat, beat until cool to room temperature then beat in 1 tsp instant coffee gralunes and 1 tsp vanilla essence

Beat in 250 g unsalted butter, room temperature (not too soft, still a little firm but not hard)

Beat until creamy and smooth

Step 3: Fondant

1 bag of mini marshmallow (454 g)

750 g icing sugar

2 tbsp water


Mix marshmallow with water, melt in microwave in 30 seconds interval until totally melted

Add in icing sugar, stir

Dump on greased working board and knead until elastic and smooth, wrap with plastic cling and let rest overnight at room temperature before using

Note: This recipe is enough to cover the cake, for the decoration, prepare 1 more fondant

Step 4: The Book Cake

To carve the cake into a book shape is pretty easy.

With a knife, cut right in the middle, without cutting through the cake, then start carving a space, again without cutting through the cake, as shown on picture

On one of the edge, cut a shape as big as the clock base

Step 5: Decoration: Alice

To make Alice, from the white fondant, tint some with blue, either with liquid or gel food coloring and for the face and hands, with a tiny copper gel food coloring

Alice face was made using a face mold, available on ebay

To make the skirt somewhat frilly, just use toothpick, by rolling on the edges of the fondant, moving forward and backward

For Alice hair, tint white fondant with yellow food coloring and for Alice shoes with black food coloring

To attach body parts and clothes, use a dab of water, applied with brush

To make parts, for example head and body to securely attached one to another, use spaghetti

Alice face is painted with edible food marker

Step 6: Decoration: Cat

Tint white fondant with red food coloring for body, tail, legs and hands

Yellow for eyes

Purple for stripes and face

With edible marker, draw the teeth on the mouth/grins and dots on eyes

Glue each parts with a dab of water, and secure with spaghetti

Step 7: Decoration: Hat

Tint white fondant with green food coloring to make the hat

Tint white fondant with black food coloring for hat's decoration

Cut a small rectangular, card shape for hat's decoration

And I also create a peacock feather for hat's decoration, using edible paper and edible marker

Glue and secure with water and spaghetti

Step 8: Decoration: Caterpillar

Tint white fondant with light blue for caterpillar inside body and hands, and darker blue for outside body and nose

Face is drawn with edible marker

Glued parts with water

Step 9: More Decorations

I also made trees, rabbit, cards, mushrooms, teacups, book mark, and flowers, they are all fondant, except for trees

Trees are made with aluminum as structure, then covered in fondant and painted with a mixture of black, brown, food coloring with clear vodka

Teacups are made with fondant mixed with CMC to make them hardened quicker (mind you, I prepared all of this, cake, decoration only with 1 1/2 day, so I didnt really have time to harden fondant haha. The decision to enter the contest just came as I saw a posting of someone selling clock base). They are not in the best of shape thus ;-)

To secure and attach all of these decorations, again water and spaghetti

The EAT ME cookies are just store bought sandwiched cookies while the writing was using melted white chocolate

The one page is using edible paper which I hand drawn with edible marker and attach to the cake with melted white chocolate

Step 10: Covering the Cake

Cut a small fondant as big as your clock base, this will be your clock display

Wrap clock base with plastic cling so it wont touch buttercream and cake

Cover cake with buttercream and roll the big fondant and lay it on the cake and cake board

Insert your clock base into the hole you made previously

And start decorating!

Step 11: Voila :)

Hope you enjoy this instructable!

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