Introduction: Alice Madness Returns - Cheshire Cat

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How to paint your face like the Cheshire cat from the video game Alice Madness Returns.

Step 1: Base

first outline where your mouth will go, then cover your face in gray face paint leaving the mouth section clear.

Step 2: Fur

to get the fur I added blotches of white face paint by the mouth/under the nose, and on the eyebrows.
Then I took a fan brush with VERY watered down white face paint and drug that over that white blotches to make it look like fur.
Then a got very, very, very watered down black face paint and drug it over the gray face paint.

Step 3: Nose

Using black face paint I made the nose and drug a line from the nose to mouth.

Step 4: Mouth Base

starting the mouth I used white paint to fill in the mouth and black to outline the mouth and fill in the open space in the mouth.

Step 5: Details

using matte black eyeshadow and a little black face paint I detailed the teeth and added shadows to the mouth.

Step 6: Whiskers

Using a detail brush and black paint I made the whiskers.

Step 7: Blood

This character also had blood on his teeth, so I took watered down red face paint to add to the teeth.

Step 8: More Fur

Taking black eyeshadow I added for fur.

Step 9: Body Base

Starting off thebodyi used the gray to make his skeleton like body. Then I took black and cleaned it up.

Step 10: Detail the Body

Using the black eyeshadow I started adding shadows, using the gray as a highlight, and any places that needed more shadows I went in with black body paint.
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