Introduction: Simple Ian From Onward Makeup (Shirt Also Painted)

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HI! Today I wanted to share an easy way I became Ian from Onward. I LOVED Onward. Did you? for more art!


Mehron body paint in light blue, dark blue, and red.


Blue, black eyeshadow.


Step 1: Wig and Ears

The first thing I did was pop on this blue wig and elf ears I got of Amazon.

Step 2: Face Base

for the base of the face I took Mehron light blue body paint and covered my whole face.I also coved the ears in that blue

Step 3: Contour

To add some contour and bring some shape back onto the face. I used a blue eyeshadow to go on my cheeks and temple. I did also drag some under the chin, nose, and lip.

Step 4: Define the Ear

To define the ear a little better I took some dark blue body paint from Mehron and filled in some spots to make it look like there was more shape.

Step 5: Blush

I used some pink eye shadow to add some blush on the cheeks then l also used a tad bit of pink body paint from Mehron to add pink to the ear. (The eyeshadow dose not show up well on the ear.)

Step 6: Lips

I used that dark blue body pain to fill in the lips.. and I have fuller lips then him so I didn't fill mine in all the way.

Step 7: Eyebrows

using that same dark blue body paint I filled in my brows making them bigger then they normally are.

Step 8: Eyes

I used a few shades of blue eyeshadow to give more depth to his eyes.

Step 9: Bigger Eyes

My eyes are pretty big already so I did take a little white body paint and put it under my lower lash line to open them up just a tad more.

Step 10: Freckles

Taking some of that dark blue body paint I added some freckles.

Step 11: Shirt Outline

Taking a white eyeliner I sketched out where his shirt would go.

Step 12: Neck

Taking the same color I used on the face I filled in the neck. Then took blue eyeshadows and added shadows around the bottom of the neck so it looks like it's sitting under the shirt.

Step 13: Shirt

I used red to fill in the shirt.

Step 14: Shadows for Shirt

Taking a black eyeshadow I showed around the shirt.

Step 15: More Red

Obviously continued to fill the rest of the shirt in with red.

Step 16: Pattern

For the pattern I took blue body paint and put in on top of the red. and obviously filled in the other side the same way.

Step 17: Finised

Other then adding buttons down the middle. THATS IT! I hope you enjoyed, check out other art from me while I work on getting up to speed on here at

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