Introduction: Hermione Granger As a Cat (BODY PAINT)

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HELLO! After a few YEARS of trying to get back into my Instrucables account I'm here to bring you Hermione Granger as a cat! I really hope you enjoy and be sure to take a look at my youtube page for more body paints and art!


I used Mehron body paint in light brown, dark brown, white, black, yellow, light gray, gray, and red. I also used eyeshoaw (wet n wild but you can use anything)

Step 1: NOSE

The first thing I did is the nose. I used a white eyeliner just to figure out where I wanted the nose and a coral body paint from Mehron to fill it in. Or any light pink will do.

Step 2: Light Brown Fur

Taking a light brown body paint from Mehron I filled in some of the fur around the face. I used a reference photo from the movie to get the placement. I went on my t-zone, around my hair line, on my cheeks and down from there.

Step 3: White Fur

Using a white body paint from Mehron I added the white fur. It is around the eyes, upper lip and down the bottom lip to the chin. I made sure to use fluffy motions to make a fur like texture.

Step 4: Blend

Going back and fourth from the light brown body paint and the white body paint I worked them together to blend the two.

Step 5: Highlight

To highlight the face a little I took a yellow body paint and put it on the high points of my face. That would be my nose, forehead, and cheek bones.

Step 6: Stipes

From what I could tell she had some stripes on her character as well. I took a dark brown body paint from Mehron and put 4 on my forehead and then also brought it down to the corner of my nose on the sides of my nose. I did also add some on my cheeks.

Step 7: Eye Shadow

I took a few brown eyeshadows and added them around my eyes just to start deepening them up because around her eyes are very dark.

Step 8: More Shadows

Keeping the same shadows I put them around the nose to make it pop a little more and also added a line from the nose to the top lip.

Step 9: Fur Texture

Using the same eyeshadows I used a flicking motion on a small brush all over the brown body paint.

Step 10: Liner

I just used some black body paint on a detailed brush to make a cat eye.

Step 11: Lip

To start the lip I took that same black body paint and made the line going from my nose to my top lip more noticeable and then filled in my top lip as well. I also added whisker dots.

Step 12: Bottom Lip

Took that some color I used on the nose and filled in the bottom lip only.

Step 13: Whiskers

Taking a white body paint I added whiskers. I also added the ones on the brow.

Step 14: Eyeliner

Taking a liner I tight lined my eyes.

Step 15: Outline the Outfit

I took that white eyeliner again and outlined the outfit she is waring.

Step 16: Neck

Her neck is also cat like so I took that light brown body paint and put in on the edges and the white in the middle and blended them together just like I did on the face.

Step 17: Shadowing the Neck

I went back to the brown and black eyeshadows and shadowed the bottom of the neck so it will appear as though the painted on shirt is actually on top

Step 18: Tie

Next I did the Tie. I used yellow body paint to fill in the strips then I took red body paint and filled in the rest.

Step 19: Under Shirt

For the white under shirt I used white body paint then I used black eyeshadow to shadow around it so that it looked like the tie is on top the the shirt.

Step 20: Tie Shadow

I used some black eyeshadow to shadow the tie and make it look like it was actually tied.

Step 21: The Rest of the Undershirt

I filled in the rest of the undershirt with white and shadowed it with black eyeshadow just like before.

Step 22: Vest

I used light gray and gray body paint to fill in the vest. I did make a stiped pattern on the neck line using white and dark gray body paint as well.

Step 23: Robe Start

I used black body pain to fill in her robes then white to highlight them.

Step 24: More Robes

Repeated the last step for the rest of the robes.

Step 25: DONE

Now you're done. I had so much fun making this I hope you like it too! I can't wait to try and catch up on my instrucables.. but until then check out for more!

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