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HELLO! So, in todays tutorial I went to the Dollar Tree to see what I could find to make a Halloween costume/makeup look. I decided to go with a skull look and that turned into a pirate skull look. I think it went okay and if you would like to see how I did it just keep reading.

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All baught at the Dollar Tree.

-Black liner

-Black eyeshadow

-White body paint

-Black and Red body crayon

-Silver body glitter

-Pirate hook

-Bird skeleton

Step 1: Outline

I like to start out with outlining what I'm doing. It helps me figure out what I'm trying to do and helps eliminate mistakes. I went ahead and outlined where I was putting my head wrap and the shape of the skull. You can really make whatever skull shape you want but I do find that fallowing my own skull shape helps it look nicer. You can do that too by just feeling your bones.

Step 2: White Body Paint

Next I filled in the base color of the skull with white body paint. This white body paint is actually not that bad. It's a little patchy but for a skull that is fine.

Step 3: Head Wrap

For the head wrap I took the red boy crayon and filled it in. Then I took the black body crayon and added some fabric lines. The crayons aren't my favorite but they do work.

Step 4: Shadowing

I only ended up using the black eyeshadow out of the pack, but I'm sure you could make all three colors work great. I used that black to add shadowing around the 'coin' or whatever that is on the head wrap and add more depth to the black I already put down.

Step 5: The 'coin'

I'm not sure what you want to call that circle on my head but I keep calling it a 'coin' and I used a bit of the black body crayon and rubbed it in to get a little gray color then I used some of that body glitter and tapped it on top.

Step 6: Details

to start the details of the skull I took that black crayon again and started filling in the cheek area then I used that eyeshdow to set it. The eyeshadow helps a lot.

Step 7: Shadow Details

With a skull the shadow details mean a lot. So I just went crazy with that black eyeshadow to make the skull look better. I sahdowed around the jaw, eyes, nose, ect. I even gave myself an angry expression.

Step 8: Filling In

I used that black crayon and black eyeshadow to fill in the nose and the eyes. You can see there how more the eyeshadow helps.

Step 9: More Shadowing

I shadowed more, because I felt like I need it. I used the black eyeshadow to shadow around the teeth.

Step 10: Teeth

using the white body paint again I filled in the teeth, then I actually took that black eyeliner to fill in the missing teeth parts and add more detailed lines around the teeth.

Step 11: DONE

Add the hook and the bird skeleton and your done! I had so much fun doing this and I think it turned out better then I thought it would. I hope you enjoy!

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