Introduction: Alien Tourist Balloon Hat - Covid-19 Space Helmet Upgrade

😻This Alien Life Form came prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic with its very own space helmet. From the look of all that confetti in its space helmet; don't be too surprised to see it listed on the world's "most wanted party crasher" 🥳list. This silly 🤪👽hat is versatile to adapt and meet your own decorative character:

  • The arms and legs can change proportions, angles for different poses
  • No two aliens are alike; can't you tell just by the drawing on its face?
  • Colors scheme: I chose 2 different colors to make it easier to see how the balloons combined; try your own
  • Spread the word: scribble an alien message on any balloon surface
  • Props: a light weight object can be tied or taped to the hand of the alien

And don't forget to try more idea variations on the last page

Here is the link to my video:



  • 2 Long Balloons (size 260)
  • Pump

Head + Helmet:

  • Tissue paper + scissors to make confetti
  • 11 inch Round Clear Balloon
  • 11 inch Round Green Balloon
  • Bag Clip
  • Black Sharpie
  • Wood Skewer or any blunt end narrow stick (A ball point pen works too)

Step 1: Body

See Video for demo:

1) Inflate the two long balloons just to the end but make sure the balloon is soft when you squeeze it.

2) Starting from the knot end; stretch and squeeze the balloon by running your thumb and index finger like a tight ring along the length of the balloon while stretching the balloon. This should add a bit of length to the overall balloon.

3) Pair up both balloons and decide how long you want the legs, body and arms of the alien. Twist both balloons together to form the legs.

4) Fit the next section around the head of the person wearing the silly hat and twist both balloons at the junction. The remainder length will give you the arms. The balloons might unwind if you let go; so thread one arm of hte balloon through the previous loop (see video). This will prevent the balloon from unwinding.

5) Now there should be three sections: Legs, torso and arms. You can add a bend by squeezing the area you want to add a bend for an ankle, knee, wrist or elbow.

If you want more of a joint look for the knees or elbows then you can add a pinch twist. The pinch twist is made by making a tiny bubble and twisting it (see pictures of orange balloon closeup).

6) The hands are made by twisting a small bubble at the end of the balloon and twisting it with a loop (see pictures of green balloon closeup).

Step 2: Head and Space Helmet


  1. Inflate the green balloon a bit larger than you would want the final size and then let out some air to the size you want. This over stretches the balloon and makes it less likely to pop.
  2. Use the bag clip to clamp the neck of the balloon so air doesn’t leak out.
  3. Use the Sharpie to draw an Alien face.
  4. Let the marker dry while you stuff the helmet with confetti.

Space Helmet:

  1. Use the scissors to cut the tissue paper into confetti.
  2. You can also use store bought confetti as long as it can cling to the balloon when static builds up.
  3. Stuff the confetti into the round clear balloon.
  4. You may need to use a wood skewer or any blunt end narrow stick (A ball point pen works too) to push the confetti past the neck fo the balloon.

Step 3: Stuff the Head Into the Space Helmet

Stuff the Head into Space Helmet:

  1. Remove the bag clip from the green balloon
  2. Insert the blunt end of the skewer into the green balloon and spiral into a narrow diameter
  3. Use the skewer to insert the green balloon into the clear balloon. A twisting motion helps.
  4. Remove the skewer
  5. Place the pump between the neck of the clear and green balloon. This will only inflate the clear balloon. Inflate to about the size of a bowling ball.
  6. Rub the outside of the clear balloon with a cloth to generate static so the confetti sticks to the areas that you rub. Inflate the green balloon to the size you want.
  7. You might need to add more air to the clear balloon as well until you reach a good size for both balloons. Tie the neck of both balloons as one knot.
  8. Add more static if there is loose confetti on the bottom of the balloon

Step 4: Attach the Space Helmet to the Body

  1. Stretch the knot of the space helmet across the intersection where the arms are.
  2. Pull through and twist one or more arms around the knot to secure in place
  3. Adjust the angles of the arms and legs to fit your style

Try making another variation by changing:

  • The expression and colors
  • The size of balloons
  • The head portion
  • The body shape / pose
  • Angle of different parts
  • Adding extra parts or props
  • Scribbling a message on the balloon

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