Introduction: All Might Wig (from My Hero Academia / BNHA)

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In this instructable you will see what it takes to make a Plus Ultra wig to make you look like the #1 hero, All Might! For this perfect coif, it took me over six hours to create across the span of one week.


Wig and wig head/stand

Cardboard and scissors

Wire (copper or floral) and wire cutters

Glue gun and at least 12 glue sticks (low heat is fine)

Hair scissors if possible

Got2B Glued Freeze Spray hair spray

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Step 1: Acquire Wig

Get a blonde wig with front hair at least down to the chin. You can get longer hair to have longer horns. This wig is “Atlas - Natural Blonde” from Epic Cosplay Wigs.

Step 2: Create Hair "horns"

Cut out cardboard horns, which I eyeballed based on images online. The size should be about an inch shorter than the length of the hair.

Take the wire and fit to the horn, leaving enough at the end to tuck into and under the wig, so the horns stand up.

(I used copper, but flower wire would work well.)

Hot glue the wires to the horns.

Step 3: Fit the Horns Into the Wig

Stick the wires into the wig (for this one I had to cut holes to punch them through). Fold at a 90-ish degree angle so the wires follow the wig cap. Then hot glue the back base of the horns to the wig base. (I did not glue the end of the wires, though you can if you're worried about them poking you.)

Step 4: Partition the Hair

Section the hair as appropriate so it has enough to cover each side. I saved one middle section to brush back through the middle.

Step 5: Glue the Hair to the Horns

I then hot glued hair to the front of each horn, then the back of each horn. I literally hot glued this hair by hair, which took one hour per side. Patience and thinly applied glue makes this look clean instead of clumpy.

No extra wefts were used, though you could hot glue wefts to the horns first to ensure coverage.

Step 6: Style the Wig

Trim the hair once all of it is glued up, using feathered cuts. Gather the tips of the horns using the Got2b glued freeze spray hair spray, drying with hair dryer if you want to speed up the process.
Style and trim the sideburns as desired.

I used a full bottle of hair spray to style the tips of the horns, then section by section began to brush back and style the hair. (This has very good hold but still had to add more each night after fierce winds while wearing.)

Step 7: Your Wig Is Here!

Congratulations! Your wig will hold stiff even while wearing a hat and outside in fierce winds. Touch up as needed with hair spray. Store in a cardboard box, with either the stand or inflated packaging/newspaper on the inside of the wig, and more air packs above the horns so the box doesn't compress.

Enjoy, and go beyond! Plus Ultra!

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