Introduction: Simple Pin-on Cape

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This is for a simple cape without any ties or wrap around the neck. It takes only one or two pieces of fabric (even an old sheet would work) and requires sewing and some large/jumbo safety pins. Hot glue optional. It should take less than three hours, or one hour if you have sewing practice.

Step 1: Select Fabric

Choose a lightweight fabric that is at least one square yard- I did two square yards for extra billowing flow. You can do a single fabric for a very simple cape, or two of you want a liner on the inside that is a different color.

Step 2: Cut to Form

You can either have a square cape, which you will fold over in pleats to make it fit, or you can cut it so it is more of a cone shape. Either works. Cut both layers to the desired shape.

Step 3: Sew Double Sided Cape Together

If your cape has two colors, with right sides facing in, pin together. Then sew the top with a straight stitch, followed the two sides. Turn right side out, and sew the bottom, which seals the cape. You can either fold the ends under and then topstitch it, or fold one side over the opposite side and zigzag stitch to have a stripe of color on the bottom. If it is really long, it will hit the ground and get dirty, so don’t worry too much about the bottom seam.

Step 4: For Square Style, Pleat the Top

Fold the top over each other to gather the shoulders. Pin with gator clips or a giant safety pin. Hand sew to keep it together, or hot glue if you want. I hot glued mine into a cap, with magnetic underside. I also could use giant safety pins to attach this to my shoulders.

Step 5: Drape and Cape!

For single layer or cone-shaped capes, you can pin, sew on, or make buttonholes to attach to your shoulders, depending on what you are attaching to. Experiment and have fun!