Aluminum Foil Ball(easiest Way to Make)

Introduction: Aluminum Foil Ball(easiest Way to Make)

Hi guys welcome back again.

Today we are going to make an item

from a worldwide challenge called Japaneese polished aluminumball challenge.

Yes today,we are going to make the aluminum polished foil ball!!!!!

So let's get started.


1.a hammer


3.sand paper

Step 1: The Small Jobs

The first thing we do is that we tear a piece of foil about your thumbs size as shown in image 1.

Crush it into a small ball ,

then cover it with a piece of foil again.

Do this procedure several times until you are satisfied with the size.


Step 2: This to That

The first image is a crumbled foil ball.

The second image is a strong foil ball.

To turn that to this, i hammered it until all the opening are closed.

This also makes it strong and removes air pockets from the foil ball.

Step 3: END

Here is the hard part.

Here is were u spend most of your time making this.

This is i don't have a sandpaper

but the only tool that i used when i made this was a marble tile

The tile makes it shinier and blends all the line in the foil ball..

But still i suggest to use a sandpaper because most of the people who do this use sand paper

Step 4: Nothing ,just CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

congratulation if u completed the challenge .

This is the best way that i founded myself to make this.

Hope you enjoy

Have fun creating it

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