Introduction: Simple Pocket Size Stack Tower Game

hello guys i am xpman and today we are going to make a simple pocket size stack tower game using everyday item this is a interesting project ,so i hope you enjoy and let's get started

if you are wondering what is stack tower ,it is basicly a game were we stack nuts on top of each other without destroying the tower


these are the items you need to make this project

1. nuts (any number)

2. badge case(pocket size)

3. a fitting cover(optional)

4. carpet needle/iron rod(any lenght as long as it fits in the case)

Step 1: Step 1:arrange the Nuts

in this step we want as many nuts to fit in the case

this is because if you lose some nuts you must have some extra supply

so arrange the nuts as shown in the image,this was the maximum i could fit in my case

if you have a bigger case that can fit easily in your pocket ,then i may suggest to use that one.

Step 2: Step 2: the Optional Beauty

here i am using a cover that includes in the badge case

i used this because i don't want the nut to be spilling all over

but if you don't have one ,its okay because it not that important


these cover help the nuts to stay in place

Step 3: Step 3: Fit the Nail

here i am using a needle that is 6 cm but the lenght of my case is 4 cm

to make it fit into the case,i tilted a part of the needle into a handle as in image 1

now if you try ,the needle fits perfectly as shown in image 2

Step 4: Congragulations

congragulations for making this simle pocket size game

as you can see i image 1 it fits perfectly in the pocket

this is a project to make people interested in makng game

hope you enjoy

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