Introduction: Simple Pocket Size Tic Tac Toe Game

hello guy welcome back again,

i am xpman and today we are going to make something familiar,

something familiar that 50% of the whole world knows,

yes ,it is the old game we like to call tic tac toe

i know ,i know ,why this old game.

but think about it when you only have a pen and paper what do you play

you play tic tac toe.

but here are some steps that you can do to play it anywhere ,any time and with anyone

so let's get started.\


1.badge case

2.nut(any number)

3.washer(any number)

4.piece of paper




Step 1: Cut the Paper

the first step you need to do is cut the paper into a rectangle enough to fit in the case .

you may add thicker paper or even cards as long as it fits.

so let's get to the next step.

before that if you are wondering where to get the badge case u can find in stores where they sell badges,

these are only included if you don't want to scratch your badge.

Step 2: Make the Pattern

now after that we start to make the ground for the game,

meaning to make the pattern for the tic tac toe.

use the pen to make a pattern of 9 rectangles as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Fitting It

now that done ,we pour glue at the bottom of the case and spread it.

here the glue is optional just to make the paper stay in place.

now place the paper on top of the glue and wait for it to dry up.

Step 4: Dump Everything

here you dump both the nuts and washers into the case .

i suggest to have a number higher than 9 for both the nuts and washer.

use the nut as X and washer as O.

so let's go to the end.

Step 5: Congragulations!!!!!!!

congragulation!! on completing the project now you can play tic tac toe anywhere ,any time and with anyone hope you enjoyed the project

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