Introduction: Boomerang Paper Plane(own Design)

Hello guy welcome back.
I am xpman and today we are going to make a boomerang paper plane .

This design is my own design ,if you know someone who has done this design ,i give the credit for them.

so lets get started.

Supplies a4 size paper

Step 1: Folding With Measure

Here we are going to fold the a4 leaving a space about 5-6 cm as shown in image 3.

I recommend you to use a thinner paper than using the normal a4 paper ,so that the folding of the paper becomes easy.

Step 2: The Starting Frame

Here i take the edges of the folded part and join it at the middle as shown in the image above.
Make sure that when folding the edges it touches the bottom line as shown in image 2.

Now let's get to the next to the next step.

Step 3: Finishing Frames

Here ,we are going to give the finishing frames for the plane.

The first thing we do is that we fold the plane into half, so that we can make the last frames easily by following the line

Then we will fold the edges along the line as shown in image 2
do this to the other side also

This feature makes it aerodynamic

now lets get to the final step

Step 4: Last Step

Here we are going to do all the easy jobs in one step

To start ,i will fold the top point downwards till the line above it is about 2 cm

Now we make the base for holding the plane, after you are done it may look like image3

Now the only step is to make the flaps which will allow it to rotate freely, ofcourse it is a boomerang plane!!!

Step 5: Nothing ,just CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Congratulations ...if u made the plane using this instructable .

Hope you enjoy.
Have fun creating it.

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