Introduction: An Oversize Electrical Resistor

Thought it would be fun to make a oversized electrical resistor as a quick project.

Step 1: Items Needed

A length of cardboard tubing about 2" in diameter

Coloured paper, an old catalogue had coloured page edges so I cut that up as I only wanted narrow strips

PVA glue


A length of electrical chord roughly 16" in length

Two cable ties

Step 2: Add the Strips of Coloured Paper

Thin strips of coloured paper were glued around the tube at regular intervals to represent the resistance stripes on resistors. The colours were just random chosen.

Step 3: Stick on End Caps

Two circles of card were cut to match the diameter of the tube, and holes placed in the centre of the discs to accept the electrical cable.

One of the discs was threaded onto the cable, then the cable passed through the tube, and then the other disc threaded on. Two cable ties were fitted between the discs to stop the cable from freely pulling out.

A bit of glue on each disc secured them to the tube and then left to dry.

Step 4: The Finished Project

And there we have it, the oversized resistor is finished.

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